What will the 


bring You?

April 26, 2021

Each Full Moon gives you 3 opportunities...

Find a balance between the two extremes, determined by the Moon & Sun Zodiac Signs.


See the results of your previous activities in a particular area of life.


Get energized for the next 2 weeks.


Let's see what this Full Moon will bring you based on your Zodiac Sign.


It's time to realize your deepest instinctive desires! Look at the results of your behavior in the field of physical pleasure and try to balance the spiritual creature and animal in yourself.


The focus is on relationships with marriage and business partners. With a balance between your own and partner resources, you have every chance of establishing strong ties.


The Moon will help you improve your health by redefining your daily routines. It's time to think over your diet and start workouts. Our mental condition depends on food and sleep as well.


The Moon has prepared for you a pleasant pastime with children and people you love. Pay attention to activities that delight your soul. It is no less important than all that material stuff.


You'll get the energy to improve the space in which you live. Solving housing issues will help improve not only your material environment but also your and your family's mental state.


Time for learning and active communication awaits you. The Moon allows you to analyze what knowledge you lack and get it from space as efficiently as possible.


You have every chance to increase and multiply your material wealth. And to do it yourself, realizing your own skills, resources, and strengths. Just try to balance spiritual and material worlds.


The Full Moon is in your sign, which means you are the center of attention! The perfect time to take care of your style, wardrobe, beauty treatments. And also, to boldly be your true self.


This Full Moon will delight you with new insights and philosophical discoveries. It advises you to rest and spend some time in solitude to reflect on your life and gain strength.


Your most cherished dreams are about to come true! And the Moon will help you if you can balance your own interests with the interests of your environment and show acceptance to your friends.


The focus is on career and goal achievement. You'll have the energy to gain recognition for your authority and expertise. Strive for a balance between using your own and others' resources.


You seem to have accumulated enough knowledge to share it with the world. The Full Moon will expand your horizons in both the physical and spiritual sense.

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