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10 things you should do on the next full moon day

The full moon is a special time at which the power of the mysterious earth’s satellite reaches its maximum. The whole lunar disk shines in the night sky, illuminating our path to our dreams! If you want to take advantage of the energy of this magical time, here’s a step-by-step guide of 10 things to do on the next full moon.

Fulfill your longstanding desires on the full moon

The meaning of the lunar phases tracking is to perform certain actions on favorable lunar days. That is, on each phase, it is best to do exactly what this phase “likes”, which corresponds to its mood and character.

The character of the full moon is very resolute! It was ripening a long time and now, finally, round and bright, like a ripe apple it hangs in the sky. Stop bearing your ripe desires! The full moon is the best time to:

1 – Do something that you have long wanted, but did not dare

Maybe you have long dreamed of asking for a new position or resigning? Start your own business, blog or a YouTube channel? Get a tattoo? Make a marriage proposal?

Whatever it is, if you think about it for a month or more, do it on the nearest full moon.

2 – Buy something you have long wanted

The same applies to shopping. If you have long looked after some thing, and for weeks admiring it in the shop window and photos, just buy it on the day of the full moon.

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Pamper your body on the full moon day

The moon has an effect on the living matter on earth. You may have heard that hair and nails grow faster on a waxing phase, and slower on a waning phase. However, the influence of the earth’s satellite on our body is much more complex and is associated not only with growth.

3 – Make an exfoliating scrub for yourself

The ancient healers created their medicines on the full moon, knowing that the energy of this day will increase the effect of their drugs. Why don’t we take advantage of this knowledge? Make yourself a scrub with your own hands on the basis of coffee beans, salt or even rice. There are many recipes on the Internet.

Moreover, after the full moon, the waning phase comes, which is just perfect for skin rejuvenation procedures and getting rid of everything unnecessary.

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4 – Take care of your hair

A full moon is an auspicious time for cutting, laminating hair, applying firming nourishing masks, hair extensions, hair removal, and the eyebrows shape adjusting. Use this to take care of your hair on the next full moon.

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Relax on the full moon

On the days of the full moon, our emotions can get out of control. The air seems to be charged with nervousness, so the best solution is to take a break until calmer times.

5 – Take a break from people

Spend some time alone. Arrange a pajama party for one, sit in bed with a book, magazines, TV shows, and sweets. Active communication with people on this day threatens with conflicts and additional worries, and you don’t need them, right?

6 – Take a break from household chores

It is not the best time now for cleaning the house. If you move the deadlines in your house projects for a little, no one will die, believe me. In general, it is better to plan in advance all household chores for the month according to the moon calendar. To do this, use the tips from our Moon Calendar >>

7 – Take a bath and light candles and aroma lamp

Since the full moon carries some “voltage” to people, next time you should do everything to relax. Relax in a warm foam bath, enjoy the light of candles, scents of aroma oils, and calm beautiful music.

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Look back on the full moon

Since the lunar month begins with a new moon, astrologers advise to set goals and develop plans for their achievement on a new moon. A full moon is the middle of the cycle, the middle of your path. It’s time to look back, evaluate the first results, the first fruits of your labors in this lunar month.

8 – Sum up!

On the full moon, remember what goals you set yourself at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Look at your path and analyze which actions were successful and which were not. This is necessary in order to proceed to the next step, namely …

9 – Praise yourself for your success

Necessarily! It doesn’t matter if you managed to fulfill your dreams or took only a couple of timid steps in their direction. Well done anyway! You are the winner already because you have desires. The winner already because you are moving. Make a list of your victories and compliments for yourself on the full moon.

And finally, the full moon is a phase favorable for …

10 – Have Good Sex

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