Moon Calendar - the best dates for any love activity in your smartphone

Taking into account the lunar days’ features and your own transit chart, the Moon Calendar app selects the most favorable days for you personally!

Do you want to improve your love relationship? Kindle passion, add romance, better understand each other, and be confident in your union? All this is possible!

The fact is that there are forces in the universe that it is useless to fight with. Acting on an unfavorable day of the Moon cycle, you stumble upon the resistance of the powerful Earth’s satellite. Acting in harmony with the Moon, you enlist her support. Using cutting-edge technology and ancient astrological knowledge, the Moon Calendar app will help you manifest your dream relationship!

With the Moon Calendar you will:

couples moon calendar app

maintain passion

lunar sexual life plan helps diversify love relationship, rekindle the fire, and add more pleasure. Just follow the tips day by day 😉

love moon calendar app

build a strong partnership

right dates for important talks or events work like a super glue for couples. Let the Moon make your connection unbreakable!

relationship moon calendar app

be happy in love

knowledge of the Moon's mood can prevent 90% of quarrels. Enlist her support, and she will bring harmony & joy in your hearts

But wait. In our Moon Calendar,
you can find much more!

Moon Organizer

The Moon phase, Moonrise time, full Moon dates, Zodiac signs

Moon calendar app automatically determines your location and gives you accurate information about the Moon's state for your time zone

lunar days tips

Everyday tips on all life spheres

You can choose the spheres of life you are interested in: relationships, health, beauty, business, household, shopping, garden, fishing, luck

lunar birthday

Personal recommendations based on your date of birth

The calendar calculates which lunar day and lunar zodiac sign was at the moment of your birth, and tells you about your strengths and weaknesses

biorhythms online

Your biorhythms online

The calendar calculates and updates your biorhythms. Thus, you can plan your to-dos not only in harmony with the Moon but also with your own state

favorable lunar days

Automatic to-do lists

You can tell the calendar about your plans for the near future, and it will choose the best dates for all your to-dos

moon days calculator

Lunar days calculator

You can find out what lunar day was on any date to better understand the nature of the phenomena in your life

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