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We are Anastasia & Alex, owners of Moon Organizer.

We’ve started this project to share with the world sacred knowledge and tools, which can help people live a happier life and make their wishes come true easier.

Working at the intersection of centuries-old astrological knowledge, modern psychology and coaching teachings, and cutting-edge technologies, we are able to represent you handy solutions to enlist space’s forces support, organize your to-dos in harmony with the Moon, find your vocation and much more.

Anastasia from Moon Organizer

“As an astrologer and coach, I know that each person is unique and has his own way of manifesting his dreams (and yes, the fact that you can dream it means you can achieve it). As a writer, I do my best preparing content that will lead you to fulfill your wishes in your own unique way.”

“As a programmer, I am a big fan of modern technologies. However, they cannot compete with the wisdom of our ancestors and nature itself. This is how our Moon Calendar was born – the perfect combination of innovational machine learning and astrological knowledge, proven over the centuries.”

Alex from Moon Organizer

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