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Lunar Calendar 2018

Lunar calendar Moon Organizer is a handy tool that will help you to organize yourself and your whole life in harmony with the stars. Moon Organizer is your astrologer, secretary and mentor, who will tell you how to use the energy properly and do everything in time. How does it work? The secret is that every day of the lunar cycle is endowed with a special mood. It helps the human in some actions and hinders in others, when they contradict its mood. Moon Organizer is well acquainted with the tastes and habits of lunar days and wants to help you 🙂 Feel yourself as full of strength, calm and happy man by using the simple recommendations of the lunar calendar!

Useful tips on all life spheres

For what action today is favorable, and what is better to transfer to another date? Moon Organizer gathered around 1,000 recommendations for a wide range of human activities


Couples lunar calendar


Ideas for maintaining the harmony in a couple and improving the quality of intimate life, favorable dates for a wedding, divorce, first date

Beauty lunar calendar


Diet for each day, tips about the physical activity load and exercises, cosmetic procedures and skin, nails and hair care, favorable days for haircut

Business lunar calendar


Management of the business processes, motivation of employees, successful days for making deals, purchases, business trips, promotions

Housekeeping lunar calendar


The organization of the menage, domestic affairs planning, favorable days for cleaning, repair, decluttering, furniture rearrangements

Gardening lunar calendar


Tips for planting, transplanting, harvesting, soil treatment, pests and weeds fighting, garden landscaping depending on the lunar day

Shopping lunar calendar


Purchases planning, family budget management, successful days for food and clothes purchasing, real estate buying, goods exchanging


Health lunar calendar


Planning the treatment course, favorable days for dental procedures, surgical operations, child’s conception, best dates to get rid of harmful habits

Fishing lunar calendar


Information about the fish catch for every day for the fishing lovers, the periods of best, good and bad catch, depending of the phase of the Moon

Lucky days lunar calendar


Choosing the favorable days to risk, take active and courageous steps towards the goal and for making great wishes that will necessarily come true!