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Work with pleasure, or how to find the vocation

Work with pleasure – myth or reality? One way or another, we spend most of our lives in the workplace. And even what initially fascinated us, eventually becomes boring. Is it really necessary, and any occupation inevitably gets boring, putting us into depression? Not at all! You only need to find your vocation, the very thing which you can breathe and live, enjoy every working day, getting a return in the form of recognition and prosperity.

Perhaps you have already found it, trying and mistaking a lot, or since the childhood, you have felt an unthinkable craving for some kind of activity and realized yourself in it. Excellent! But it is a pity that you are in the minority. I would very much like everyone to experience the happiness of this piercing discovery, the moment of finding the cause of their whole life, understanding and accepting it. After finding the vocation, we find ourselves; the work and life no longer need to be delimited, turning into an inspiring single entity.

Find your vocation with the training book “The Sense of Life: in the search for ikigai

Find your vocation, or Ikigai

The Japanese came up with a term for this phenomenon – Ikigai. In fact, there is no word in the English language conveys its exact meaning, and it’s sad. After all, if there is no word in the language, then the people do not have the very notion, Ikigai as a phenomenon is difficult to achieve for us. Therefore, the first step on the road to the sense of life is to include the word “Ikigai” into your vocabulary.

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Ikigai is an activity that you love, what you are good at, what other people need and what you can be paid for. All four details of the puzzle must converge in your head and your heart when you find it. You can literally identify yourself with this occupation, call it the meaning of your existence on Earth. And I’m sure that everyone has their own Ikigai and everyone is able to find it. The main thing is to know what it is and to search for it 🙂

ikigai search

Of course, you can search for ikigai for many years, and maybe you don’t have the patience and strength not to surrender halfway. To save your time, I developed an authoring technique based on this Japanese concept 🙂

My training book “The Sense of Life: in the search for ikigai” is already available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon.com. The purpose of this book is not only to help you find ikigai, but also learn yourself and what makes you happy, and in the end make you happy! I promise you, it will necessarily happen if you carry out all exercises from the book diligently and answer all the questions honestly.

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