Lunar phases chart 2020

lunar phases

The full lunar cycle lasts for 29 days and consists of 8 Lunar phases. Waxing Crescent -> First Quarter -> Waxing Gibbous -> Full Moon -> Waning Gibbous -> Last Quarter -> Waning Crescent -> New Moon. A mysterious satellite of our planet controls many processes on Earth: tides and ebbs, the speed of living matter growth, human’s emotional state. Knowing the lunar phases and the lunar day, you can plan your affairs in harmony with nature. We make daily Moon observations and share them with you:



moon rise today

Rising Time

Moonrises and Moonsets determine what lunar day is today. Learn every moon date start and end time in our lunar cycle chart

Lunar phases today

Current phase

Lunar phases affect the state of all alive creatures on Earth. You will always know today’s Moon age with our Moon schedule

moon in zodiac

Moon in Zodiac Sign

Moon stay in each of them for 2-3 days. Every Zodiac sign affect plants fertility differently and even can predetermine a human baby gender

new moon dates

Next Full Moon

Full Moon and New Moon are the most influential phases of the cycle. Use our lunar phases chart to stay prepared and plan your time correctly

auspicious moon day

Auspicious Days

Every lunar day can be auspicious or unfavorable for the certain procedures. Learn when to cut your hair, start a diet, or go fishing this month

moon day gem

Moon Day Mascots

Symbol, gem, direction, energetics, element, lucky colors and shapes for each day of the lunar cycle for your happiness

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