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Moon Schedule is an indispensable chart for astrologers. After all, the Moon has a huge impact on our planet and all living creatures that inhabit it. The quality of this influence depends on the mood and state of the Moon at a certain point in time. Although the Earth’s satellite has a changeable and uneasy temper, it is very easy to predict. Depending on the phase and day of the lunar cycle, the energies alternate cyclically and logically.

Thus, armed only with the Moon Schedule, we can find out will the particular day be favorable, what things to avoid, etc. Since there are quite a few nuances, it is worth starting with the more general rules of the lunar month and gradually specify them.

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Key stages of the Moon Schedule

Well, let’s take a glance at the Moon Schedule. Each lunar cycle is a small life, and there are key stages in it, similar to the stages of human life. So, astrologers distinguish four moon seasons – the lunar spring, or childhood; summer, or youth; autumn, or maturity; winter, or old age. It is very interesting that the mood of the moon in these seasons really coincides with the characteristics of the seasons in nature and human life.

Lunar childhood is the period of the Waxing Crescent, from the new moon to the first quarter. Time to explore the world, learn, dream, plan. The lunar youth, or the Waxing Gibbous phase, contributes to the action and realization of dreams and plans in real life. It ends with the onset of the full moon.

After the full moon comes lunar maturity – the time to harvest, celebrate the results of work, give thanks, sum up. This period lasts until the third quarter, that is, corresponds to the phase of the Waning Gibbous. And, finally, lunar old age is associated with the Waning Crescent and helps us to think, to get rid of all the excess, to rest, in the end.

Even if you will use the Moon Schedule only to live each lunar season in harmony with its energy and mood, you will surely notice a change in your life for the better.

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Full Moon and New Moon in the Moon Schedule

However, this is a rather superficial glance, at which we miss many important points. For example, the phases of Full Moon and New Moon – they are so unique that astrologers do not rank them as lunar seasons, but as separate phenomena.

Each moon schedule begins with the New Moon, and all you need to do is turn on the fantasy to understand what energies are there. Of course, these are new beginnings, goal setting, dreams visualization! If you teach yourself to set goals for each lunar month on the day of a new moon, you will soon see how much easier it is for you to achieve them.

The days of the Full Moon are the days of the peak of the lunar power. Not in vain since ancient times, this phase was considered the period of the witch-sabbath. The moon generously shares her mighty energy with everyone, and especially with women. So, do not forget to recharge your life force and charge your candles, crystals, and herbs, if you have any. (You can learn more about moon witchcraft rituals here.)

What Moon phase is today? Moon Schedule 2019 >>

Lunar days in the Moon Schedule

But the seasons of the cycle and its special phases are not all the information hidden in the moon schedule. I said at the beginning that the moon is very changeable. This means that it is very difficult for it to stay in the same mood during the whole phase. Usually, Earth’s satellite changes its preferences every lunar day.

A lunar day lasts from one moon rise to the next one. Each such period has its own set of characteristics – talismans, topics for study, lessons, successful cases, and unsuccessful ones. The moon is considered the ruler of the emotional sphere of human life, and in addition, affects the growth of living matter. Accordingly, its influence extends to all of our multifaceted life.

It may be difficult to understand all these nuances, so we created a Moon Schedule for you, in which all the important information is presented in a handy and understandable form. In our Moon Calendar, you will find all the information about the Moon’s state, as well as tips on all areas of life (beauty, relationships, business, shopping, household, health, luck) 👇