Proper self-discovery – how to find yourself?

All the great discoveries in the world have already been made – it’s time to discover ourselves

Self-discovery is the key to a conscious and happy life, the only method to find your way. Each person is unique in its totality of traits, and, without knowing yourself, your own reactions, mechanisms, it is impossible to organize your life harmoniously. There are thousands of shades in each person and as many self-discovery techniques, and I recommend trying them as much as possible – until you get to the essence of yourself, to the very right answer (or maybe the question?), to the so-called insight.

Perhaps, you will be surprised, but I advise you not to dwell on the your type of human design. Stars and planets, of course, have a huge influence on the personality development, but there are many other factors that made you You – look at your edges from all sides! Get to know yourself, find out yourself a little better, take a step deeper right now!

how to find yourself

Look at your edges from all sides

Discover yourself properly. Going to your inner world, be the traveler – curious and enthusiastic; the researcher – attentive and unbiased. Do not come into yourself as an uninvited boss, who should bring everything in order. Do not try to instantly classify the phenomens encountered along the way, by using your old habitual classifiers. Remember, you can stumble upon something completely unfamiliar, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Self-discovery: Wonderwights, Vaguers and fishes

On the outlandish island of Your Self, are many differents creatures. Some of them – let’s call them Wonderwights – not animals or plants, with a fin-shaped sprout on the head; they shine like a stars, and they ring like bells. Wonderwights are beautiful and they quietly live in your inner world for a long time, but the day comes when you start to discover yourself and finally meet them face to face.

Self discovering rules

Bringing with you, like a lazy vacationist, the whole baggage of your prejudices and the laws of life from the outside world, you will certainly want to squeeze Wonderwights into the framework.

“You are fishes, because you have the fins. Stop ring and shine right now, and start swim as you should!”

And, there are two options for this story’s development (both are sad).

Supposably, Wonderwights will obey you and become the ordinary fishes. Sad, silent, gray fishes. Without their shining, the whole island will dive in dark. Without their ringing, the biorhythms of other unusual inhabitants will be destroyed. You will undertake to remodel everyone there, and in the end you “fix up” all, that could be harmonious only in the seeming “mess”. And what will it be? That’s right, a violence. Uniqueness murder. You deprive yourself of a part of yourself, instead of using it as your own advantage. You can quite well fit into your environment and even achieve some success, but you will never find harmony and happiness, everywhere and always feeling uncomfortable.

The second story’s ending. Wonderwights will not listen to you and will remain as they are. You will be tamed and tormented, because you are convinced that they are fishes, just very wrong and not obedient. You will live with the thought “I have the wrong fishes. They are bad and unworthy. All other fishes are like fishes, and what the punishment have I! … “ Uncertain, awkward, cagey person – this is who you will turn into with this approach. And you will probably blame everything on your fishes, always shifting responsibility to others.

self-discovery techniques

How to find yourself?

But there is also a third option with a positive outcome. If you go to your island with the pure consciousness and an open heart, you will immediately understand that Wonderwights are NOT fishes. More precisely, you will not have thoughts about the fish at all. You will begin to observe the Wonderwights, admire their beauty and learn their habits. You will see how the Wonderwights interact with other creatures, and notice that they shine more strongly when a flock of Vaguers rushes around. You will be able to make your island brighter! After all, only those who really KNOW themselves can use their resources wisely.

Find out who you are, and be yourself!

Proper self-discovery is all about letting your Wonderwights be Wonderwights. And, in order to be yourself, you firstly need to learn who you are.

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