Keep Your House Tidy And Clean

How To Keep Your House Tidy And Clean Without Cleaning Everyday

We all know how mundane cleaning your home may be. More often than not, most people put off cleaning until it piles up, and we have to clean the whole house entirely. While many strive to have their homes appear clean every day, most fail to do so. Let’s look into some smart ways to keep your house tidy and clean, without actually cleaning it every day and spending countless hours during chores.

Make Your Bed

However redundant this may seem, making your bed first thing in the morning, or whenever you’re waking up, will set a tone for the rest of your cleaning routines. You’ve probably heard Admiral William H. McRaven’s speech about the importance of making your bed, if not, do so right now. Much of everything he has to say plays right into the strategy that can help you have your house tidy and clean without having to clean every day. The bed is often the focal point of many rooms, be it the bedroom, or couches in the living room. As such, if they are messy, the whole room will appear messy without necessarily being that way. Furthermore, beds, being such big surfaces, can collect a lot of mess, which is all the more reason to get them out of the way early in the day, so your house can look much tidier and cleaner.

Take Advice

If you’re still unsure of how to keep your house tidy and clean, a very smart move might be to do some online research. More specifically, look for advice on people who specialize or have blogs or any kind of expertise in the area of housekeeping, maintenance, and DIY projects. As can be seen here, there are many pieces of advice out there on how to improve your home e.g. which plays right into keeping your house tidy and clean without putting too much work into it. Be it your kitchen, bathroom, your home in general, there is ample guidance that can help guide you towards more efficient and less time-consuming cleaning tips and even some small DIY improvements. Once you get this down, your cleaning routine will seem less like a routine and more of a convenient small improvement to get your house to look pristine.

Clean As You Go

While some may argue that the “cleaning as you go” approach might fall under actually cleaning every day, that necessarily isn’t the truth. Cleaning as you go focuses on taking care of clutter, or minor tidying up, or even chores as you naturally move throughout the house. You can do these minor tasks every day, or every once in a while, but ultimately, your house will be tidy, and you won’t have to invest hours every day into keeping it clean. To get a better idea of what we’re saying, let’s look at some examples. Let’s say you’re going to the kitchen to get some juice – bring along the glasses from your room to put in the sink. If you’re putting your face mask on – clean the sink while it dries off. This strategy is all about using the time you would otherwise be spending waiting or in transit across your house to do minor cleaning tasks that build up to an entirely clean house very quickly.

Put Everything Back To Its Place

One of the most important things to have in mind that will help you the most to keep your house tidy and clean without actually cleaning it every free moment of your life is to put everything that you’ve been using right back into its place as soon as you’re done with it. While this may seem like a very simple and easy task to do, many people don’t implement this into their daily routines, which causes mess to pile up little by little, leaving you with chaos a few days later. Some even go as far as creating a one-touch rule that plays well into this strategy. It essentially says that once you’ve taken something e.g. you take your jacket off, you should put it back where it belongs right away (within one touch). In other words, don’t place it somewhere else (touch it more than once), as it can significantly reduce decluttering time and keep your house tidy.

Keep Your House Tidy

These smart ways to keep your house tidy will not only ensure it looks tidy and clean all the time, but you will be doing minimal work, and not every day. Furthermore, it will create some healthy cleaning habits that will ultimately feel effortless. Remember to always keep looking for advice from reputable sources on how to hack your house-cleaning routines and keep your home looking clean.

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