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Improve Your eCommerce Product Photography With These Helpful Tips

Product photography is incredibly important if you’re selling products online because it’s the first thing your customers glance at when browsing through your e-commerce catalog. It’s what captures their attention in the first place, but more than that – it’s also what can make them feel confident that they’re making a great decision when choosing to buy from you. Learning how to take good product photos can be a bit tricky, but there are helpful tips that will improve your product photography significantly.

1. Consider Your Brand And The Product

Before you start thinking about what kind of photography equipment to purchase, it’s important to consider your brand and the product that you’re selling. This will determine how clean and polished your images should be. When thinking about how best to approach e-commerce photography for your products, it’s important to remember that it’s there to give as much information about the product as possible – and to do so at first glance. It should also reflect your brand image – so having a clear idea of what you want your brand to look like will help guide the process. For example, if you’re selling in an environment where luxury products are the norm, then you’ll want high-quality images that give off a high-end feel. On the other hand, if you want to create a fun and playful brand, you might want to go for bright colors and quirky photography.

2. Choose A Composition That Fits

One of the most important aspects of e-commerce product photography is choosing a good composition. This is the layout and design of an image, which dictates how customers view it. To get started with picking a composition, try keeping things simple by filling the frame on either one or both sides. In particular, filling up at least half of the frame with your product is important to grab the attention of viewers browsing through your catalog. While there’s always room to experiment, it’s also important that you’re aware of the basic composition techniques that you can use to guide your e-commerce product photoshoot, such as:

  • Rule Of Thirds: Placing your object at one of the intersections of the gridlines creates a well-balanced composition.
  • Golden Ratio: Also known as the golden mean, this rule is based on the ratio 1:1.618 and provides another way to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition for your eCommerce product photography.
  • Leading Lines: Straight lines that extend into the distance can lead your viewers’ eyes to the product.
  • Depth Of Field: How far sharp focus extends in front and behind the main object of attention. A shallow depth of field (only a small area is in focus) can make an object stand out, while a deep depth of field (everything is in focus) can make it blend into its surroundings.

As with anything else – it’s important to get to know the rules in order to be able to create something really captivating when you break them.

3. Use White Backgrounds And Reflective Surfaces

One of the best ways to create a high-end look when photographing your eCommerce product is to use a white background and reflective surfaces around it. This can make a huge difference in creating an image that gives off luxury vibes, but you might want to try placing objects – such as vases, plates, or cups – around your product to bring a unique touch that reflects your brand. When photographing a product on a plain white background, you’ll want to use natural lighting. Using flashes and other artificial forms of illumination create shadows, which can quickly destroy the image quality of your e-commerce photography products. If you really want to create a high-end look, try getting a white backdrop made from something like paper or vinyl. This will help to reflect light around your scene and give it a more professional look.

4. Avoid Filters But Use Different Camera Settings

While there are some product photography filters out there that can really improve the quality of your images, it’s important to be careful about how overused they are. The last thing you want is for people to think that your e-commerce store has a dated look because all of its images have been filtered to within an inch of their lives. Instead, try using filters sparingly for a modern look that doesn’t date your brand or catalog. On the other hand, playing with different camera settings can have a big impact on the look of your e-commerce photography products. Some of the most effective are aperture, ISO, and shutter speed – all of which, when mastered, can give off different moods.

eCommerce Product Photography

When it comes to e-commerce, product photographs are the most important element for a customer browsing your online catalog. By taking the time to make sure you shoot in a well-decorated and designed scene with a white background and reflective surfaces around your products, you’ll be able to create an image that’s high quality and makes your product stand out to the right demographic.

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