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Moon cycle chart is widely used in astrology to determine the mood of the Earth’s satellite. It is no secret that the Moon has a great influence on the growth of living matter on our planet, the ebb and flow of the seas, the emotional state of human beings. With the help of the moon cycle chart, you can find out which moon energies currently prevail. Having arranged for them, you will be able to organize your life in harmony with the Moon, that is, to get its support in all your affairs.

The Moon moves from one phase to another cyclically, breaking time into lunar months. Every moon cycle is a little life. If you are interested in this topic, you will soon see how logical, wise, and naturally, they are.

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Key stages in the moon cycle chart

The first way to harmonize your life with the moon is to synchronize with the lunar phases. This is a more simple, superficial way, but it can also give excellent results. The point is to study the nature and mood of the key stages of the moon cycle chart.

Moon phases are compared with seasons in nature and stages of human life. Interestingly, they do coincide in meaning. So, Waxing Crescent is associated with spring and childhood. Astrologers call this time a period of active internal action – the time of dreaming, planning, learning. The lunar spring begins immediately after the new moon and ends with the first quarter.

This is followed by a lunar summer, or youth, which corresponds to the Waxing Gibbous phase. This means that in the period from the first quarter to the full moon, we can actively act outside, realize what we dreamed of during the lunar spring.

The next stage in the moon cycle chart is, of course, autumn, or maturity. The time of the Waning Gibbous is called the period of passive external action. Here we harvest, summarize, celebrate and express gratitude.

Moon cycle chart ends with a Waning Crescentlunar winter, old age. During this period of passive internal action, we reflect a lot and draw certain conclusions that help us set goals on the next lunar spring.

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New Moon and Full Moon in the moon cycle chart

How logical and how wonderful! But I think you noticed that with this approach we missed some important points. For example, the days of the new moon and the full moon, which have tremendous strength and energy. They are so unique that many astrologers do not relate them to any of the stages of the lunar cycle, but consider them as separate phenomena.

The New Moon is the starting point, the beginning of a new lunar month. This is the time when our power of thought reaches its peak. Time to make wishes and carry out manifesting intentions rituals! Often, how you spend the days of the new moon, determines your entire next month.

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar energy when the Earth’s satellite is generously sharing with us the vital and mental strength. Time to recharge, collect the first results of the month, get rid of what no longer serves us.

What Moon phase is today? Moon cycle chart 2021 >>

Lunar days in the moon cycle chart

However, even considering the nature of each lunar phase and stages-seasons, we still miss a lot. The fact is that every day (the period from one moon rising to the next one) of the moon cycle chart has its own character, its preferences, and mood. Each of the days may be lucky for any action or totally unfavorable.

The influence of the moon extends to all areas of our life. You’ve probably heard that there are favorable days for haircuts and epilation. But in addition, there are favorable days for buying a car, drawing up business reports, going to a family psychologist, and so on. Each day in the moon cycle chart has its own talisman gemstones and important topics to work through. Zodiac sign, in which the moon is located, also has a special influence on a lunar day.

All this may seem very complicated, but we created the Moon Calendar, in which we collected all these important nuances in a simple and understandable form. In our moon cycle chart, you will find all the information about the Moon’s state, as well as recommendations on all areas of life (beauty, relationships, business, shopping, household, health, luck, garden, fishing) 👇