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Moon in Aquarius – how to use it and how it affects people

The moon has many levers of influence on human. Lunar phases control the growth rate of our hair and nails, and every day of the lunar cycle has an impact on our emotional state. In addition, the lunar zodiac sign also affects our mood and behavior.

The moon moves from sign to sign, succeeding in a month to go around the whole zodiac circle. It stays in each zodiac sign for 2-3 days. You can get an advantage of this time if you know about the character and preferences of the current moon zodiac sign. Let’s see what impact on us the moon in Aquarius has.

Moon in Aquarius effect on people in general

Aquarius is an extraordinary and creative zodiac sign, which does not like boredom and routine. Therefore, when the Moon is in Aquarius, everyday things are going badly. It is better to pay attention to everything new, unusual and interesting. Everything that is connected with art, new knowledge and acquaintances, beauty. In this period of time, it is worth to be a gourmet, enjoy delicious food, pleasant aromas, change the look.

Aquarius is considered a barren sign, so it is better not to plant fruit crops during the days of his lunar reign. You can plant lawn grass, ivy, ornamental plants.

In addition, astrologers claim that the moon in Aquarius helps couples to conceive a boy.

Moon in Aquarius depending on the moon phase

New Moon in Aquarius is a great time for making new connections, communicating with friends and like-minded people.

Waxing Moon in Aquarius is a wonderful period for charity, volunteering, helping others.

Full moon in Aquarius makes people not punctual and slightly scattered, it is better to postpone important meetings.

Waning Moon in Aquarius is a bad time for frank conversations, there is a risk to talk too much. So, you’d better read a book 🙂

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Moon in Aquarius – the impact on humans by their sun signs

The moon in Aquarius exacerbates in people the desire for freedom and independence, the desire to “keep a distance”, the refusal of obligations. People strive to protect their inner world from invasion from the outside while being kind to others. The result is a certain mixture of egoism and altruism, which provokes frequent mood swings, eccentric behavior. In addition, the tendency to inventing and perceiving the whole of the mystical is intensifying. Tips for each Zodiac sign during this period are as follows. If you are…

Aries, plan your future with loved ones.

Taurus, be persistent in achieving your goals.

Gemini, go on a trip to the beautiful historical sites.

Cancer, pay special attention to your intimate connections.

Leo, make new business connections, find friends by interests.

Virgo, take care of your health, visit a gym.

Libra, allow yourself a little romance.

Scorpio, please your family, dine dinner with parents and children at the same table.

Sagittarius, keep a diary, write down all your feelings and thoughts these days.

Capricorn, deal with financial matters.

Aquarius, go to a beauty salon!

Pisces, just relax. Go to the spa or something like this.

Of course, our own character, the way we interact with others, and the life path as a whole are most influenced by our own lunar zodiac sign. That is the sign, in which the Moon was at the time of our birth.

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