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Moon timetable is a useful thing in astrology. With it, people can determine the mood of the mysterious Earth’s satellite. And this is important, because the Moon controls the growth and development of living matter on earth, and also the emotional state of man. Knowing which lunar energies are prevailing at the moment, we can plan our time in harmony with them. So, we can enlist the Moon’s support in all its endeavors.

The lunar calendars were the first calendars of our ancestors not by chance. Earth’s satellite cycles are logical, simple and straightforward. If you try to live at least a couple of months with the Moon timetable, you will notice how harmonious and wisely it works.

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The main stages in the Moon timetable

For a start, it is enough to consider the Moon timetable superficially, based on the main stages of the cycle. Everyone knows that there are Waxing and Waning phases, and you may have heard that it is better to cut hair for growth on a waxing moon, and to do hair removal on a waning one. If we dig a little deeper, we will see four peculiar seasons of the lunar month: childhood, spring; youth, summer; maturity, autumn; old age, winter.

The Waxing Crescent associated with the lunar spring takes a period from the new moon to the first quarter phase. The astrologers call the mood of the Moon at this time “active internal action”. This means that such matters as planning, setting goals, learning will be successful.

This is followed by a Waxing Gibbouslunar summer. It ends with the onset of the full moon and marks the time of active external action. In other words, from 9th to 14th days in the Moon timetable it is useful to take bold steps towards your desires.

After the full moon Waning Gibbous comes, or lunar autumn. Up to the third quarter phase, it urges us to sum up, harvest the results, rejoice in them and express gratitude.

Moon timetable ends with a Waning Crescent, that is, a lunar winter. As in nature, this time is devoted to self-reflection and deep thinking, peace and relaxation.

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New Moon and Full Moon in the Moon timetable

Very wisely and harmoniously, isn’t it? However, you may have noticed that, focusing on the main stages, we missed some phases. Very significant, by the way, such as the New Moon and the Full Moon. The fact is that the lunar energies are so unique during these periods that astrologers do not rank them in any of the seasons in the Moon timetable.

So, the New Moon is a time of new beginnings. The mood of the moon contributes to making wishes for the next month, rituals of manifestation of intentions. Since the Moon has a great influence on our inner world, during this period it gives us a gift – strengthens our power of thought hundredfold!

And on the Full Moon, the Moon itself is very strong, sometimes even discouraging us with such powerful energies. That is why people during this phase are emotionally unstable, impulsive, touchy and scandalous. Nevertheless, we can spend the Full Moon with benefit – to recharge the vital force from the night star.

What Moon phase is today? Moon Timetable 2019 >>

Lunar days in the Moon timetable

Considering the main stages and key phases of the cycle, we are already using the Moon timetable more wisely. However, we still miss quite a lot.

In fact, not only separate parts of the cycle and phases have their own character and preferences. The moon is very changeable and fast, and its mood changes every lunar day! In the Moon timetable, the day begins with one rising of the moon and lasts until the next. Each day is favorable for certain cases and activities and unfavorable for others. Every lunar day has its own keywords, themes for study, talismans and characteristics.

Interestingly, the lunar energies that had an impact on all spheres of life of our distant ancestors, affect all modern procedures and realities. So, there are days in the Moon timetable that promise a lucky car purchase, lucrative marketing campaigns, successful hair extensions.

It may be difficult to understand all these nuances, so we created a Moon timetable for you, in which all the important information is presented in a convenient and understandable form. In our Moon Calendar you will find all information about the Moon’s state, as well as tips on all life areas (beauty, relationships, business, shopping, household, health, luck, garden, fishing) 👇