new moon calendar

New Moon calendar – when is the next new moon?

New Moon calendar was one of the first ways for our ancestors to calculate the time. People from different parts of the world created lunar calendars, and this is easy to explain. The Earth’s satellite is very clearly visible in the sky with the naked eye, in addition, it cyclically changes its appearance. After observing the moon for a couple of months, the ancient people realized that its phases were a constantly recurring phenomenon.

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New Moon calendar in history

New Moon calendar appeared so long ago that historians cannot determine either the place or the exact time of its birth. They suggest that its creators may be Mesopotamian Sumerians. This event belongs to the IV millennium BC. However, according to the excavations, lunar calendars was popular in Malaysia, China, and India.

It may seem that such ancient traditions cannot be useful in the 21st century. Since the birth of the lunar calendar, mankind has significantly developed and invented much other time calculating systems and related instruments.

However, if you think that the lunar calendars are in the distant past, you are mistaken. For example, the Islamic lunar calendar remained official until 2016. And in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, residents still use the Buddhist lunar calendar, according to which they celebrate all local holidays.

The solar calendar, more popular today, came into use only 500 years ago. Interestingly, that moon calendar had an impact on it. In our usual week, we have 7 days – the duration of the interval between moon phases’ changes.

new moon calendar today

New Moon calendar today

In addition, New Moon calendar nowadays is often used in astrology. Of course, here its function has slightly changed, and it is no longer a tool for calculating time. However, our ancestors looked at the world more holistically, aware of the interrelation of nature, planets and human beings. And they put into their calendars all the wisdom, experience and knowledge about these connections. In other words, the New Moon calendar has never been ONLY a time calculating system.

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Many nations of completely different cultures for thousands of years created a New Moon calendar. They lived and traced all that what modern astrology says in practice. Saw how the change of the lunar phase changes their state, the behavior of animals, the growth of plants. Actively used this during the development of livestock and agriculture. Felt how the new moon gives them the energy to realize desires, and the full moon gives life force.

And they applied all the accumulated knowledge in practice, in all spheres of their lives, thanks to which they lived in harmony with nature. And this thing we, modern people, do not have enough.

Although the realities of life have changed significantly, the modern moon calendar is easy to apply in everyday life. So, in our Moon Calendar, in addition to basic information about the state of the earth’s satellite, contains useful recommendations on the areas of beauty, relationships, business, household, shopping, health.

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