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New moon day – what we should and shouldn’t do at new moon

New moon day is one of the most significant and powerful in the lunar cycle. Despite the fact that during the waning moon, the energy also slowly decreases, and many people feel exhausted by the end of the lunar cycle. The energy of a new moon can be very powerful if you know how and for what to use it.

After all, the new moon day is like a little eve of the new year. Usually, on this holiday, people sum up their results and make plans for the next year. The energy of the new moon can give you a powerful impetus to the realization of all that you want to achieve in the next lunar month.

What to do on the new moon day

New Moon is the time when the disk of the moon is not visible in the night sky. In fact, this phenomenon may cover two or even three lunar days – 29th, 30th, 1st. The 30th day of the lunar cycle is usually very short, lasts several hours. This is a day of rest, calm joy, charity. 29th and 1st lunar days differ in energy and are designed for different procedures and rituals.

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So, 29th lunar day is generally considered negative. This is the time when there is no strength, everything falls out of the hands, people want to isolate themselves from society and spend time alone. On this new moon day, it is good to clean the space of all that is old and unnecessary at the physical, informational and energy levels. Make decluttering in the house, get rid of limiting beliefs, clean the aura from negative energies with the help of water or fire.

On the 1st lunar day, you can already begin to make plans and set goals for the coming lunar month. This new moon day does not give us enough energy to implement but is great for visualization and strategy development. Start a new bullet journal, create a wish board.

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What not to do on the new moon day

On the 29th lunar day, it is better not to do anything important, not to start anything new. This is especially true of all cases in which the human factor plays an important role. Remember, all people are now weaker, self-contained, and more emotional, than on other lunar days.

On the 1st lunar day, you should not think negatively. This new moon day multiplies your power of thought tenfold so that everything you think about can come true soon.

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