number 5 in numerology

Number 5 in numerology

Number 5 in numerology symbolizes all five human senses. This number encourages us to feel life by every cell of the body and all the fibers of the soul. Changeable, playful, impulsive 5 knows what the real pleasure is.

number 5 numerology meaningKeywords: Sensuality, Discovery, Adventure, Wisdom, Teacher
Element: Air
Stone: Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Amazonite
Planet: Mercury
Zodiac: Taurus

If the number 5 is always on your way, then the universe encourages you to think less and feel more. You need to use all the senses to enjoy life to the fullest. What smell is in the morning air? When was the last time you walked barefoot on the carpet? And what about the new tastes, when you tried a new fruit? Be careful, your life turns into a gray routine! But it’s not too late to stop living in your head and fix it.

Traveling and learning new disciplines are also in the spirit of number 5. It advises you to go to an unfamiliar place or sign up for a new training course.

home number 5 numerology

Number 5 in numerology – home, work, love

If the number of your home or office is 5, then this is probably a full cup of pleasures. The most delicious food, the most pleasant to the touch textiles, the most inviting fragrances and the hottest sex is here! Music, candles, wine, and laughter are your regular neighbors. To some extent, 5 fosters to human dependencies, so starting a healthy lifestyle will be difficult. The ascetic on a diet should move to another place.

Despite the craving for pleasure, the number 5 is completely not lazy. In a house under such number, new knowledge is well assimilated, the intellect of its inhabitants is always active and curious.

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If your love affair has begun on the 5th or at the address with number 5, it will be a hot and sensual relationship. Your sexuality will rise to a higher level, you will learn how to have fun and relax together like never before. If the relationship lasts a long time, you can adopt a nomadic way of life and travel the world, stopping here and there. Great, if you study something together, do joint research work. Unfortunately, without studying, discoveries and constant changes of location, you and your partner quickly become bored with each other.

life path number 5 numerology

Number 5 in numerology – life path

If the amount of all digits of your birth date is 5, this is your life path number. You need changes more than anyone else. You tend to start several projects and do not finish any of them. Your ideal job is a writer – he can write new stories, get new experience, and travel. Do not tie yourself to the office, look for the opportunity to work remotely and at your own pace.

In relationships you are prone to the pursuit of sensations and pleasures, it may be difficult for you to be faithful. However, if you met a man who develops with you and shares your desire for adventure and new knowledge, take care of him.

Tip for people with the life path number 5: Avoid predictability and use your ability to adapt to circumstances.

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