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Top Indoor Decor Ideas That Will Elevate Your Spiritual Well-Being

We do not want to get all yogi here, but the fact is that our entire world and ourselves run on energies, and there are many different types of these energies. We create and send out vibrations, and we can affect or be affected by those frequencies. One common example is if you have ever stepped into a room where people have just argued or fought, and even though you cannot actually see or tell offhand that anything has happened, you can instinctively tell that something happened — a gut feeling, a hunch, a sixth sense, call it what you will — and you cannot deny that it exists. Can you imagine your home, which is supposed to be your safe haven, your comfort zone, feeling like a medieval battle was just recently fought? Maybe it already does a bit? No matter, we are here to help you out of this quandary and turn your house into a home — a healing home that renews and refreshes you.

Vessels, Bowls, Plates, Water

We, humans, are made up of 70% water, and although we certainly are not advocating for you to go submerge yourself in the nearest pool until your oxygen runs out, it has certainly been found that we have a certain, if you will call it spiritual, connection to the presence of water. Our minds are somehow psychologically influenced by it, becoming calmer, more serene, and more at peace. You can put a few bowls and plates everywhere, or if you are willing to go big rather than go home — no pun intended — then there is this beautiful indoor water fountain for sale, and you should be covered on the water part. But bowls can also be practical—for instance, a bowl of salt in your entryway. Now, this sounds strange, but this is a great place to leave your keys, as salt is a very protective and cleansing material. So just put your keys in there, and before you go out, shake the bowl a bit. You might just be surprised at the positive effect it can have.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is bad in general because it not only degrades the overall aesthetics and feel of a room or home, makes you lose things, and gives off a negative vibe. Clutter produces physical and unconscious chaos, and again, it can lead to 30 minutes of you angrily digging through it to find your car keys, only to discover they were in your jacket pocket the whole time. Take some time to tackle a messy cupboard or piles of old newspapers and magazines that are pulling you down, and you will feel the tension immediately escape the room as you clear away all the junk. There are few things that create mental unrest and unease like chaotic clutter, which is perhaps why you will never see a drug addict living in a clean and tidy home. Take a while, stop procrastinating, and you will soon see and, most importantly, feel the fruits of your labor.

Incorporate Some Color

Colors have a great impact on our mental and spiritual condition, so much so that even prisons acknowledge this, with a few even having experimentally painted their walls pink to soothe the criminals housed inside the concrete walls, to admittedly varying degrees of success. The simple addition of a colorful wall or maybe a statement piece can pretty much transform the mood and vibe of any room. Silky white textiles will add a sense of elegance and serenity to a bedroom, whereas a daffodil shade of yellow may just add the right amount of exuberance and joy to a family living room. Choosing the right color scheme and combinations can be quite tricky, so experiment. Different shades and combinations will help you determine how they impact the feel of your room. Take care not to rush this, as you do not want to waste either time or money. Cool shades will help you create a soothing, calm space, so shades of green and blue and combinations of those colors might be just what you are looking for.

top indoor decor ideas

Plant Power

People looking to recharge from a stressful week often flood to the nearest park, botanical garden, or hiking trail to immerse themselves in nature. This is good, of course, but you want your house to be home, so apply the same desire here. Incorporate the restorative qualities of emerald beauty indoors. Not only will they add a natural, verdant pop to your space, but plants also eliminate toxins, re-oxygenating your home. If you do not have a green thumb, have no fear; you can try various plants like parlor palms or snake plants that require very little maintenance for the maximum serene effect.

All Are Equal

It is all too easy to start working like a beaver on your living room or patio but ignore the kitchen, the bedroom, or another room. Do not do this. All rooms are equally important, and even the little spaces will weigh on your unconscious and zap your energy like a little battery that just will not switch off. One of the most important things in spiritual and mental well-being, and really in everything, is balance and unity. You want your home to be comfortable and peaceful everywhere, on one frequency, so to speak, and for that, every room needs attention and planning. Do not allow yourself to quit halfway through, as this may actually prove worse than before, as the balances have shifted even further apart.

Mental and spiritual well-being is not, and has not been for a while now, the focus of many people, and while work, stress, and pressure increase in daily life, so do those things decrease, weaken, and bend over time. Now it is time to restore the balance a bit, and what better place to start doing this than your own home and room? Rectify the imbalances, and sooner rather than later, you will notice many other things naturally falling into place too. All you have to do is start and give it your all to achieve this goal.

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