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7 Ways To Turn Your House Into a Perfect Lockdown Home

Lockdown has been hard for many of us, spending months at home without loved ones and away from work. It has taken its toll on many of us, though around the world things are slowly returning to some form of normality. Soon, it seems, we will all be enjoying the great outdoors far more often once more.

Lots of time spent at home, however, can be turned into a positive. Over the last year, some people have come up with some fabulous ideas to make their lockdown homes more productive, more entertaining, or generally more enjoyable to be in. In this article, we are going to show you seven of these great ideas.

1. Bring The Outdoors Inside With Plants

Houseplants have become hugely popular during the lockdown – and with good reason! As Jenny, a home design expert and writer from, explains, there are many benefits to bringing plants into the home. “Plants are great for us. It has been shown that houseplants are able to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improving focus and performance if working from home.” Let’s face it, many of us have been trying to adapt to working from home, so if a succulent at your desk can help you relax and focus, why not try!

2. Let There Be Light

One thing we’ve all been missing is the great outdoors and getting a spot of sunshine. Not all of us are lucky enough to have outdoor space, but regardless, we can all try and maximize the light coming into our home. By replacing drapes and blinds with lighter-colored alternatives, repainting rooms in lighter colors, or even changing the flooring, you can make your home absorb so much more light. This can really ease the feeling of being stuck indoors.

3. Create Your Perfect Work Zone…

We already know that plants help you focus, but what else do you need for perfect home-based office space? Well, exactly that – you need a dedicated space. One end of the sofa each will not suffice! You need a nice, comfy, ergonomic chair and a dedicated desk. Place no distractions other than some plants and work-related accessories in this area, whilst trying to keep it as airy and light as possible.

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4. …And A Separate Chill Zone

It’s also very important to separate work and play zones within the home. If you don’t, you can find it very hard to switch off and adjust. Make sure you don’t work in your bedroom or the most relaxing part of the home. Keep this area separate to ensure that when needed, you can switch rooms, switch moods, and switch off.

5. Finally Fix That Paint

Many of us have DIY tasks that have been delayed and delayed for years. Well, now’s the time to stop making excuses and sort that paint! If you’re spending more time at home than ever, why not throw down some sheets and repaint your walls? It’s not the most fun job but the feeling of satisfaction upon finishing a DIY project is a wonderful one. Choose some new paint or simply re-coat the old color. Whatever you do will make a huge difference to how cozy your home feels.

6. Garden Upgrades

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, why not get out there and start making it the best garden ever? After all, you may well be spending a lot more time out there. Cleaning up and weeding old flowerbeds or patios, mowing the lawn, planting new trees, and even ornaments are all great simple garden upgrades. If you’re feeling flush, install some new decking and get new ultra-comfy garden furniture to really make your garden a perfect little escape from the indoors.

7. Upcycling Furniture

Finally, upcycling things is such a joyous task. Taking a chest of drawers, bookshelf, TV stand, or old piece of furniture that you’ve had for years and giving it a new life is a really pleasant experience. Sanding down the wood, repainting, decorating, and even modifying these items structures slightly are all great time-passers and a really nice way to modify your home for very little money. You can be as wild or as conservative as you like.

We believe that a mixture of these seven things will not only make your home feel fresh, homely, and pleasant but also help you pass those lockdown hours with some fun activities. We hope you try some of them and that they make a lovely difference to your lockdown home.

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