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Amazonite magical properties – Gemstones Astrology

The green-blue mineral amazonite looks like turquoise. There are two versions of the origin of its name: in honor of the Amazon River and thanks to the legendary tribes of women warriors. Amazonite magical properties confirm the second version – this gemstone is known as the patron of the fair sex.

Amazonite is a talisman of the 4 lunar day. This is a heyday of the family ties power, the acquisition of secret knowledge. It means that this mineral has the greatest strength on the fourth day after New Moon. All the rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Amazonite in the history of different countries

Despite its name, amazonite was a popular gemstone on different continents and in different cultures. Jewelry from this mineral were popular among the American Indians, and in ancient Egypt . Thus, in the tomb of Tutankhamun were stored many necklaces, amulets, and rings from the amazonite.

And, of course, the habitats of the legendary Amazons – Scythian mounds – delighted archaeologists with a variety of jewelry from this stone.

amazonite 4 lunar day talisman

Amazonite in lithotherapy

Amazonite healing properties were popular among the people in the Middle Ages. The experience of many generations indicates that this mineral:

  • Can rejuvenate the body – skin, joints, hair, and teeth. Accelerates the cell regeneration, cleans the body of toxins;
  • Heals arthritis, rheumatism and osteochondrosis. Amazonite powder eliminates tumors;
  • Treats varicose veins, cleans vessels, breaks local fat deposits by the massage with amazonite balls;
  • Promotes the normalization of the thyroid gland and the endocrine system as a whole;
  • Relieves a migraine, protects from sunstroke;
  • Alleviates epileptic seizures.

Amazonite magical properties and its impact on humans

Amazonite magical properties are extremely useful for women. In this case, it is not necessary to have the militant character of the Amazon in order to obtain the strength of this mineral. It gives harmony, peace, and stability to women of all ages and types of temperament. So, amazonite is useful for:

  • Strengthening of family ties, friendly and partner relations, relations between parents and children, conjugal love;
  • Inspiring women for everyday housework, the prompt resolution of domestic problems, creating an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the home;
  • Improving devotion and courage in a person or people who are in touch with it.

On the 4th lunar day, when we make contact with our ancestors, even a small amazonite stone can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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