4 lunar day

4 lunar day practices

4 lunar day is the time of deep awareness, understanding, and analysis of your soul, the time to make your choice. In this lunar day, the world turns into a mirror, reflecting your essence. In addition, the symbol of the 4 lunar day is the Tree of Knowledge, Family Tree. During this period, you can find answers to all the important questions, get the power of your ancestors and all their secret knowledge.

4 lunar day – Going back to the roots

Think for a moment about how much knowledge and experience your ancestors gained during the time of your family’s existence. These precious knowledge, energy, and powers are rightfully yours! In fact, you already have them, in your blood, in your genetic memory. Unfortunately, a person does not use the capabilities of his brain, even by 50%. Therefore, fixated on everyday worries, we lose access to the treasury of the family’s knowledge, we forget about it. But the supermind, in which all the information assimilated by our ancestors are stored, really exists!

To adopt the strength and experience of ancestors, to absorb their wisdom, it is necessary to conduct appropriate rituals on the 4 lunar day.

Your ancestors are rooting for you.
Eleanor Brown

Meditation of the day

Before the beginning of meditation, it is useful to learn something about your ancestors in the material world. If you have never made up a family tree, do it. Ask older relatives about who your great-grandmothers were and what they were doing. Do your family have any legends, interesting stories? Write them down. Find old photographs, look at the faces attentively.

When you learn everything you can, sit down in the lotus position. Relax, close your eyes. Imagine a tree that looks like your family. See every detail of it. Then, mentally go closer to it, lean your back against the trunk. Feel the bark under your palms, the mighty roots – under bare feet. Feel the juices from the roots rise on your body, as if you are its branch. Together with this feeling pictures from the past come – moments in which your ancestors were particularly happy; their mistakes and lessons. We take all this into ourselves, and their experience becomes ours. Then, when the information is received, look up, at the crown of the tree, on its leaves. It is the future, your descendants. Feel how you convey the accumulated knowledge and experience of your family to them. You can not be alone, being part of something more.

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Secrets of knowledge – right questions

Sometimes the only way to solve a problem is to ask the right question. Is there a situation in your life that does not give you peace? Ask for advice from the Universe on the 4 lunar day! The request may sound like a very specific question: “How to return passion in my relationship with husband?”, “How to cure my child?”, “How do I earn more?” But often we incorrectly formulate the question, and do not get an answer because of this.

My advice: at the end of the previous meditation, imagine the accumulation of energy and light in your head. Concentrate on it and say: “Universe, tell me what knowledge I should gain to get rid of <... my problem ...>?” After that, imagine how your head opens and your question flies into space as a stream of light. OK. Now you just have to be attentive to the signs around you during the day.

It is interesting that this practice is confirmed by scientific research. Our brain is arranged in such a way that it filters out a lot of things. But when you formulate the question, you begin to notice the answers to it everywhere. For example, set the goal to calculate all the yellow items that you will meet on the way to work. You will be surprised at its amount. Why you did not notice it before, you went this way a hundred times? 🙂

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4 lunar day meditation

4 lunar day practices

At the end of the day, you must analyze it, otherwise, the morning practices will be for nothing. On the 4 lunar day, the world like a mirror reflects your thoughts, feelings, problems and negative traits. The same goes for your loved ones. If today the behavior of your partner or child seemed to you especially annoying, think about it. It exists in you. On the 4 lunar day, advising the solution of the problem to a friend, you can easily see the solution to your own problems.

In addition, this period of the lunar cycle is the most successful time to make a choice. Perhaps you will even be forced to do it on this day. Do not make typical mistakes in making a decision. Remember: there are ALWAYS more than two options. Make a list of all insane options for resolving your situation. And then analyze what choice corresponds to your values ​​in life.

Writers have such a technique: carefully think out the traits of the characters, their values, and beliefs, and release them. They create the plot themselves. Since one of the traits of Little Red Riding Hood was naivety, the wolf easily deceived her. If it was a Snow Queen in her place, a predator would not be able to do it. The problem is that people, unlike characters, tend to betray their own values. And then, regret it. Do not make such mistakes and make the right choice on the 4 lunar day.

Remember! The clearer you do practices on a 4 lunar day, the more likely your dreams will come true during this lunar cycle! And the lunar calendar will help to plan your goals from different spheres of life correctly:

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