aries november 2021 tarot reading

Aries November 2021 Tarot Reading

Hello there! It is Aries November 2021 Tarot Reading. If your Sun Zodiac sign is Aries (birthday between March 21st – April 19th) and you wandered here, then the Universe has important messages for You. Below in this article, you will find some messages from the Higher Forces that came to us through the Tarot and Oracle cards.

On the doorstep

Stars & Death

aries november You managed to get rid of something heavy, toxic, unnecessary – it died and left your life. Perhaps it was an illness, a hopeless project, an abusive relationship, or your own limiting beliefs. Whatever it was, this ending brings you happiness and the feeling that now your innermost dreams can actually come true, and that’s true! To make dreams come true, just work on their manifestation.

First decade (1st-10th of November 2021)

Protest & Five of cups

aries november readingIn the first decade, you will unsuccessfully fight for your rights and, as a result, plunge into disappointment and self-pity. Things will really not go the way you wanted, but remember that the Universe always arranges everything as it is best for you. Going through these setbacks will lead you to more joy in the future than you might expect. And this future will come very soon, as I can see from the cards of the second decade.

Second decade (11th-20th of November 2021)

Spaceship & The World

aries horoscopePerhaps you found like-minded people and friends during your struggle in the first decade. Now they are with you, and even if they are not specific personalities, in the second decade you feel support, care, and the world’s love for yourself. It is the time of self-expression, when no beliefs and obstacles prevent you from showing your magnificent essence, bringing your talents, loudly declaring yourself to the whole world!

These are the luckiest 10 days of your November, so try to declare yourself louder at this time to the whole world (it’s not difficult with the Internet).

Third decade (21th-30th of November 2021)

Princess & Four of pentacles

aries november 2021There comes a period when you need to protect yourself, your boundaries, and your resources. And this time, we are not talking about the active struggle it was in the first decade, but about self-defense aimed at your recovery. You probably got a little tired, and it is better to spend the rest of the month in some seclusion and saving your resources: both spiritual and material.

Aries November 2021 Health

Sun & The Fool

aries november healthIn November, your health will improve – but not by itself, by your efforts. You need to take the initiative and actively address the issue of your physical condition. At the same time, you should choose methods that you have not tried before. Perhaps we are talking about a type of therapy and new medicine, or maybe you just start a healthier lifestyle: sports, diet, taking vitamins. By the way, the cards hint that it would be nice for you to intake vitamin D. In November, in many countries, there is not much sunlight, and such support will help you strengthen your immunity and feel more energetic.

Aries November 2021 Love for the lonely

Mural & Ten of cups

aries love singleTo receive love from another person, you must first love yourself. You don’t need to look for a partner now – take time for yourself, put yourself first in your life. Work through your traumas and beliefs, let go of past grievances. Take care of your body, appearance, creativity, and hobbies. Believe me, it is this path that will lead you to a feeling of absolute harmony, happiness, and love. Learn to support yourself – and people will appear in your life, generous in support, love, and attention to you.

Love for couples

Wings & Judgement

aries love couplesSomething very important will happen in your personal life this November. This event is part of the divine plan, fulfillment of your life purpose. This change will inspire you, accompanied by the feeling of gaining freedom, as if you have escaped from some captivity in which you spent a long time.

Since this reading is for all Aries and not a personal one, it can be very different events for each of you. Someone, perhaps, will end an abusive relationship in which she felt like in a cage. Someone will get engaged or become pregnant – especially those who languished in anticipation of these events a long time.

If you’re apart, you can finally reunite with your loved one. Or maybe your couple protractedly went towards some joint goal – travel, buying a house, etc. Then your torment will end with success.

In any case, for you personally, this event will become fateful and truly happy – even if you don’t think so at the moment.

Aries November 2021 Money, Career, Business

Mirror & Ace of swords

aries november moneyThis November, your intelligence and knowledge will become the force that will help you reach new heights in your career, business, and finance. Perhaps you will learn something new in courses / educational institutions, or you have an idea for a new project, for the implementation of which you will collect knowledge on your own.

These ideas, thoughts, knowledge will open up unprecedented opportunities for you: what seemed unreal before, you can do with ease. Spotlights are on you! This November is a great period for self-promotion. You have all the inspiration and energy, you are capable of anything! Just be confident, be yourself, and remember to learn.


Lioness & King of swords

november tarot ariesYou may be hindered this November by your past traumatic experiences. You know, sometimes we judge people by our experience of communicating with other people in the past. Of course, experience is the most valuable thing we can get in this life, but sometimes we make a survivor’s mistake and twist the cause-and-effect relationships in our head.

If this month you find yourself making decisions based on painful experiences from the past, question it. Is everything really so much like then, or has something changed?

In addition to being hindered by your own thinking this month, a real person may also be an obstacle. A man with a developed intellect, a strategist, a logician who will either give you bad advice or try to use you in his plans against your wishes.


Nostalgia & Six of pentacles

november forecast ariesThis November, despite possible obstacles, opportunities await you! Higher Forces have in store some gifts: both material and spiritual.

Firstly, the Universe allows you to improve your financial situation, receive additional income, bonuses, and literally gifts from generous messengers of the Higher Forces. If this happens to you, continue this line of generosity and do not be afraid to spend money on good deeds.

Secondly, this November is a time for nostalgia, pleasant memories, meeting and communication with old lost friends, and walks to places associated with pleasant events of the past. Of course, you need to live in the present moment, and not in the past, but from time to time, diving into pleasant memories can be very delightful and even useful!

Aries November 2021 Tarot Advice

Confidence & Two of pentacles

aries tarot adviceIn November, it would be good for you to balance your chores, responsibilities, and different areas of life. A lot is going on, and you may feel confused and grab onto one or the other. You are unsure of how to prioritize correctly – but this is not a reason to let things go. On the contrary!

You will only learn to balance confidently if you practice it long enough day by day. After all, confidence is a skill, and any skill takes practice and time to gain a foothold.

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