taurus november 2021 tarot reading

Taurus November 2021 Tarot Reading

Hello there! It is Taurus November 2021 Tarot Reading. If your Sun Zodiac sign is Taurus (birthday between April 20th – May 20th) and you wandered here, then the Universe has important messages for You. Below in this article, you will find some messages from the Higher Forces that came to us through the Tarot and Oracle cards.

On the doorstep

Morning & The Hanged Man

taurus november There are so many places, activities, people in the world who are waiting for you! Perhaps some people are not just waiting for you to chat, but really depend on your decisions. And this is great! Being an influential person, you can fulfill your potential and change this world for the better! However, you are in limbo and still do not know where to lead people ready to follow you. You enter November in a state of uncertainty, waiting, and responsibility to others. But maybe the decision is already in front of you, you just need to change the angle of view?

First decade (1st-10th of November 2021)

Protest & Four of cups (reversed)

taurus november readingAnd here it is. In the first decade, you stop concentrating on your failures and hiding from the world waiting for you. Thanks to this, you can now see the opportunities that the Universe presents to you. Perhaps this opportunity now is to lead some revolution and achieve justice for people who need your help. Or maybe we are talking about your own revolution, in which you are finally ready to actively improve your life.

Second decade (11th-20th of November 2021)

Dragons & Judgement

taurus horoscopeIn the second decade, your struggle reaches its peak. For these ten days, you are really and actively fighting – with other people, unfavorable circumstances, your own fears. This struggle is very important in your life. Through it, you acquire your life mission, purpose.

Your life can change dramatically, or just in small things, but whatever this change is, it is fateful and will have a tremendous impact on your entire subsequent life.

Third decade (21th-30th of November 2021)

Mirror & Two of wands

taurus november 2021And as I see from the cards of the third decade, this is definitely a change for the better! You feel great, inspired, and elated, like you are capable of absolutely anything now – and it is true! Now is the time to make specific to-do lists and bring all your wildest ideas to life!

Taurus November 2021 Health

Escapist & The Sun

taurus november healthIn November, there are no health problems. If you were sick before, you recover, and your general condition will be excellent. However, the absence of ailments does not mean that you can stop paying attention to your body and take care of it. This month, you have a great temptation to forget about your health, being carried away by other things. Remember that a healthy body is a result of your day-by-day routines, not that you treat it when symptoms appear.

Taurus November 2021 Love for the lonely

Lioness & Ten of pentacles (reversed)

taurus love singleThis November, your situation most likely will not change. The past negative experience of relationships prevents you from entering into new ones and building them qualitatively. And this refers not only to your past romantic relationship but also your relationship with your parents. Problems in them formes limiting beliefs about love, family, partnership, women, and men.

Loneliness may make you sad, but it gives you the needed time to get ready for a new relationship properly.

Love for couples

Witch & The Devil

taurus love couplesNovember brings base emotions into your relationship – lust, envy, jealousy, addictions… However, this month is very fair to your couple. If this is just a period and you have a healthy relationship, then remember one simple rule. What you focus your attention on, grows. And you can choose what to focus your attention on: happy and valuable moments with your loved one or the worst moments of your union.

If your relationship is unhealthy, abusive, codependent, it’s fair to end it and give the offenders what they deserve. Most likely, restoration of justice, in this case, will not require initiative from you. If you acted unfairly with your partner, get ready to accept the verdict of the Higher Forces with dignity and learn from your mistakes.

Taurus November 2021 Money, Career, Business

Garden & Queen of cups

taurus november moneyIt seems that all your struggle in November will lead to a new beginning in your career, business, money situation. It is just the beginning, and so far it does not bring much income, but the Universe tells you that something lovely will grow from it. After all, you can feel it if you turn off annoying thoughts – support, healing, nourishment. Perhaps it all comes from a specific person, a caring and compassionate woman in your environment. She can support you both spiritually and financially, giving you money, helping you find a job, getting a raise, etc.


Gold & Two of swords

november tarot taurusYou feel like you need to make a decision or compromise. This decision may be difficult for you because of your self-doubt. Some manipulative people may try to convince you of your inferiority so that you accept their help and become dependent on them. Do not agree with this. Make the decision that, in your opinion, a confident person would make in this situation.


Princess & Seven of pentacles (reversed)

november forecast taurusAfter all, the main opportunity of November for you is to protect and save yourself, defend your rights and satisfy your needs. Now you have the strength to do it yourself, without waiting for anyone’s help. And do it quickly! You are used to the fact that reaching your goals takes a long time of hard work and patience, but this November is different! No more waiting, become a knight for yourself and give yourself a fairytale happy ending!

Taurus November 2021 Tarot Advice

Confidence & Page of wands (reversed)

taurus tarot adviceApparently, this month is a super important period of your growing up. Perhaps, physically, you have long been an adult, but psychological development lasts all our life without stopping. This November, you will be able to work through those aspects of life in which you previously behaved immaturely. On the rest of the cards, I see that this is all about defending yourself and your rights, the ability to independently satisfy your needs, not expecting or demanding their satisfaction from other people. It is not an easy process that can be frightening and frustrating. Remember: any skill takes time and practice to gain a foothold. And you will have more confidence with time and practice in this matter.

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