Astrology Forecast April 2018

Astrology Forecast April 2018

Astrology Forecast April 2018 promises us a difficult month and great chances for a positive change. It is so hard due to aggressive and impulsive Mars, which forms negative aspects with Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun.

We will be under their influence throughout April. Anger and irritability in people will increase, which will lead to a lot of disagreements, conflicts, and difficulties in communication. However, don’t be afraid 🙂 For those who can cope with the negative inside and outside, the planets have prepared pleasant surprises and unexpected gifts.

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1st week – difficulties and disagreements


The first week of April, perhaps, will be the hardest. Mars-Saturn Conjunction patronizes only the strong people, and in order to identify those, it is necessary to test us. Overcoming obstacles will become a catalyst, weed out the weak people and exalt the strong. Astrology forecast April 2018 recommends to demonstrate your will, endurance and discipline in the first days of the month.

Until the weekend, relations with others will be strained, there may be disruptions both in personal and in business contacts. But at the end of the week, Venus-Mars Trine will create a favorable atmosphere for establishing ties, concluding contracts and deals, reconciliation with loved ones.

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2nd week – recreation and creativity


The second week of April is a great time for rest, creativity and learning. Mars-Neptune Sextile brings many pleasant adventures and a lot of creative energy. However, avoid financial operations and important deals in this period. Sun in squares with Mars and Pluto sharpens people’s cravings for dangerous fraud, scams, and intrigues. You can easily fall for the bait of fraudsters or commit something illegal, which will necessarily adversely affect you in the future.

So, relax, create, hone your skills and transfer important transactions for the next week.

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Astrology April 2018

3d week – leadership and risk


Because the third week of the month favors various financial transactions due to Venus-Pluto Trine. This aspect will charge us with inspiration, high work capacity, contribute to solving the accumulated problems. Under its patronage, success will come to those who take risks; and income – to those who cooperate.

Sun-Uranus Conjunction will also push people to action, leadership, development. This aspect evokes a thirst for change, surprises, favors the introduction of new technologies and approaches. But, routine matters will cause boredom and disgust during this period.

Venus-Jupiter Opposition will exacerbate our sensitivity, vulnerability, propensity to waste and idle pleasures. Astrology forecast April 2018 advises not to fall under the influence of this negative aspect. On the 3rd week of the month, you can lay an excellent foundation for future victories.

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4th week – sweeping changes


At the end of the month, Pluto and Jupiter enter the arena and promise positive radical changes in all spheres of life. So, Mars-Pluto Conjunction brings unforeseen turns to businessmen and managers, empowers them with a strong will and powerful energy. Mars-Jupiter Sextile will bring success and popularity to people involved in educational activities, writers, politicians, lawyers.

Sun-Saturn Trine will strengthen the positive impact of Sextile, introduce influential patrons, help in the implementation of progressive ideas. During this period, cooperation with foreign partners, and business trips will be very successful.

In addition, Sun-Venus Conjunction is active, which sets people up for a romantic mood. This means that not the only business will occupy our minds, but also flirting, passion and falling in love 😉

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