Rock crystal magical properties

Rock crystal magical properties – Gemstones Astrology

Water-clear crystalline quartz, “fake diamond”, or rock crystal looks like ice. The ancients considered this mineral to be ice, frozen as much that the frost gave it a magical power. The name itself in Greek means “ice”. And, although the legends of magical ice are in the past, the rock crystal magical properties are used by knowledgeable people to this day.

This mineral is a mascot-gemstone of 1 lunar day, a short period in which we can lay the foundation and set the mood for the whole next month. This means that the greatest strength rock crystal acquires immediately after the New Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Rock crystal in the history of different countries

Beauty, refinement, powerful energy and unusual properties of water-clear quartz have brought the fame and demand to this gemstone in almost all cultures of the world. In Ancient Greece gods and rulers drank wine from crystal cups. Rock crystal magical properties were already known in the ancient world. So, myths say that in the temple of Demeter there was a magic crystal mirror, predicting the future. In addition, the ancient Greeks believed that the prayer uttered with this mineral in hands would be surely heard by the gods.

Maya Indians used rock crystal to make props for their rituals – skilfully faceted skulls. Historians are still puzzling over how the ancient Aztecs managed to handle the stone so accurately. One of the skulls is now stored in the British Museum.

Balls from this mineral symbolized power and adorned the scepters of the rulers of Scotland and Byzantium. The ancient Romans used the thermal properties of this gemstone to escape the summer heat. Japanese poetically called it “the frozen breath of a dragon”. In Egypt people made from it magical talismans for luck. From time immemorial, rock crystal was also popular in Russia. Peter I had a samovar cut from a single piece of this stone.

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Rock crystal in lithotherapy

People learned about the rock crystal healing properties long before the word “lithotherapy” appeared in the dictionary. This gemstone has:

  1. Disinfectant property, due to which our ancestors used rock crystal to make cups. Any drink in such a container is clean, disinfected and stores useful substances.
  2. The ability to maintain the temperature balance. The Roman patricians used rock crystal pendants to survive the stuffiness and heat, but the stone can give not only a coolness in the summer, but a warmth in the frosty winter.
  3. Energetics, which contributes to the concentration of attention, improving memory and productivity of thinking. Knights Templar especially appreciated these characteristic. They implanted the crystals directly under their skin.
  4. The ability to gather all negative things, including physical pain and ailments.

You can improve rock crystal healing properties by charging the crystal with sunlight on a 1 lunar day. In addition, from time to time, you should clear this mineral from all the negativity that it gathered from the surrounding space. For this, wash the stone regularly with running cool water.

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Rock crystal energetics and its impact on humans

As I said before, this mineral gathers all the negative from the space in which it locates, and from its owner. Therefore, with the help of rock crystal, it is good to clean the dwelling from time to time. The more spacious your house and the more negative energy in it, the more quartz crystals you need. It is very useful to conduct such a procedure after a long illness of someone from the dwellers. You will surely have a healthy sleep in the cleaned space.

The second magic feature of rock crystal is its ability to work with information. The fact is that this mineral is able to accumulate information better than other gemstones. That’s why clairvoyants and mediums from all corners of the world used crystal balls to obtain valuable information – messages from deceased and divine omens.

Thus, rock crystal magical properties should be used by:

  • spiritual seekers – with the aim of developing intuition and the gift of foresight;
  • students and scientists – during the preparation for exams and researches;
  • physically and mentally ill people – for the quick recovery;
  • housewifes – to cleanse the energies of the house;
  • for a gift. If you want to give someone your positive emotions and feelings, charge a rock crystal them with on a 1 lunar day, and this mineral will definitely bring your mood to its new owner.

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