hematite magical properties

Bloodstone – hematite magical properties

Hematite is probably the most unusual mineral on Earth. Firstly, it differs from others in appearance. Outside – steel, metallic gray, shiny. Inside – bloody red. It has its name because of this color. From Greek haimatites – “like a blood”. Secondly, scientists found hematite on Mars! (Only a few gems can boast of a cosmic origin – for example, moldavite.) Yes, yes, this planet is called red precisely because of the bloody mineral. It turns red when there is methane in the air. And hematite magical properties tie with the energy of Mars, the god of war.

This mineral was considered to be the strongest amulet against any danger for a long time. With such a defender you can let go of your fears and doubts and relax!

Maybe. that is why hematite is a mascot-gemstone of the 17 lunar day. It is the time when we celebrate the results of our work, we are liberated and have fun. This means that hematite gets the greatest power on the second day after Full Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Hematite in different cultures

Hematite magical properties are known to people from ancient times. So, in Ancient Egypt the priestesses of the goddess Isis communicated with her, using hematite. When the goddess descended to the ground to talk with them, only this mineral could provide her with reliable protection.

In Ancient Rome, women used hematite as a mirror, and during the birth clamped in their fingers hematite rosary to protect themselves from bleeding.

Indians of North America used hematite to extract red paint. Going to the war, they painted the face with its powder. At the same time, they believed that such “hematite makeup” makes them invulnerable to enemies.

In Medieval Europe hematite gained popularity among magicians and warlocks, who considered the stone the most powerful amulet against attacks of evil spirits. Later, European miners began sewing on their clothes hematite buttons. The mineral turned red when explosive methane was accumulating in the air and saved their lives.

hematite healing properties

Hematite in lithotherapy

Hematite magical properties mainly tie with its ability to benefit the human circulatory system. Lithotherapists use this stone for:

  • Treatment of blood diseases, blockage of blood vessels, anemia, varicose veins; acceleration of wound healing, stopping bleeding, normalizing blood pressure, increasing hemoglobin levels.
  • Removal of inflammation of the urogenital system, treatment of cystitis, prostatitis, urolithiasis;
  • Exacerbations of hearing and sight;
  • Restoring women’s health, alleviating menstrual pain, normalizing the cycle and hormonal background;
  • Stimulation of sexual energy.

Hematite energetics and its impact on humans

Hematite magical properties also center around its ability to protect the owner from any danger. This stone belongs to Mars, the god of war, and therefore guarantees protection in any battlefield – physical, astral, mental.

Hematite is an opaque mineral, and therefore, carries more “yin”, female energy. Such an amulet will be especially useful to women who have great career ambitions.

In addition, hematite:

  • Restrains the owner from impulsive actions, thoughtless decisions, outbursts of anger;
  • Helps at the start of any projects, business, training, speeds up the solution of any problems;
  • Protects against physical and moral wounds, a perfect talisman for people of risky professions.

hematite talisman meaning

Hematite is a very strong stone, do not wear it thoughtless and aimless. Treat the bloody mineral with all due respect. Each time, wearing it, clearly formulate your goal. And, taking it off, give thanks to the stone for help.

Do not wear hematite on the naked body in the summer heat. It heats so much that it can burn the skin.

On the 17th lunar day, when we release all our clamps and fears, we need such a defender as a hematite pebble! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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