opal magical properties

The color switch – opal magical properties

Opal is a unique gemstone, the main distinctive feature of which is an unusually bright multi-colored flicker. Many opals even glow in the dark! And the very name of the mineral from the Greek translates as “color change”. Despite the variability of color, opal magical properties help its owner to regulate all spheres of his life and achieve a state of balance and harmony.

Maybe, that is why opal is a mascot-gemstone of the 18 lunar day. IIt is the time of acceptance our negative traits and the work on their correction. This means that opal gets the greatest power on the third day after Full Moon, and any rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Opal in different cultures

The Australian Aborigines believed that once upon a time God came down on a rainbow. His feet touched the earth, and sparkling opals were born in that place. In the East people have long used opal to preserve marital happiness. In Ancient Rome with the help of this mineral people defended against epidemics and natural disasters. When opals came to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century, they immediately gained immense popularity among sorcerers and magicians.

rules of work with opal

Opal in lithotherapy

Opal magical properties are widely used in Ayurvedic teaching. This stone is able to normalize the chakras. For each chakra there is a suitable opal of a certain color. In addition, in lithotherapy, opal is useful for:

  • Preventing colds, strengthening immunity and the ability to resist infections;
  • Improving vision and normalizing ocular pressure;
  • Treatment of heart diseases, strengthening of the heart muscle;
  • Prevention of tumors and cancer;
  • Rehabilitation of reproductive function, treatment of women infertility;
  • Stabilization of the psyche, recovery from a nervous breakdown;
  • Pain relief (especially white stones).

opal healing properties

opal magical properties and its impact on humans

Opal magical properties tie to its key characteristics. This stone protects creative, extraordinary persons. Moreover, it is able to push to creativity absolutely any person, to reveal deeply hidden talents, to help the owner to approach creatively to any activity.

Opal is the mineral of balance and harmony. Therefore, if you feel that you can not achieve a balance between the spheres of your life, if you are always short of time, if you often forget about something – opal will help you! This stone will put the order in your house, business, relationships, and head.

In addition, the multi-colored mineral is a skilled peacekeeper. The stone will easily smooth out conflicts in the family and office, help to find a common language for spouses, fathers and children, bosses and subordinates.

opal lithotherapy

The rules of work with opal

Opal is a fragile stone in all senses and requires a special approach to itself. First, you should not give or receive opal as a gift. It is better to buy it for yourself.

Second, opal should not be worn constantly. Let the stone rest from time to time.

Third, remember that the rim of gold enhances opal magical properties.

On the 18th lunar day, when we work on ourselves and cultivate ourselves, we need an assistant like opal! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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