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Full Moon baby – born on a full moon features & tips

Are you a full moon baby? It is no secret that the Moon greatly affects the ebb and flow of the seas and oceans, animal behavior, plant growth… But how does it affect humans?

Astrologers often say that the full moon makes people more impulsive, increases emotionality, contributes to conflict and rebellion. What we should and shouldn’t do at full moon, you can learn from this article.

But does the Earth satellite affect those who born on a full moon, and if so, then how? A lunar birthday can tell more about you than you know about yourself. In our Moon Calendar, you can find out the lunar day of your birth and get tips and information about your strengths and weaknesses 👇

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But if you already know that you are a full moon baby, or your child was born on a full moon, here is a brief description of the Moon’s influence on your life path:

born on a full moon

Full Moon baby – distinctive features

Born on a full moon people are rebels. They cannot live happily in a submission of someone. These people have a lot of talent, often have a tendency to art. They love to live “here and now”, do not plan their future, quickly forget the past.

Full moon baby is very emotional, hot-tempered, stubborn. This is a loving person, easily tempted.

Full moon baby – useful tips

If you were born on a full moon, learn to control your emotions. Hold your own instincts. Remember: for some temptations you will need to pay.

*If your child is a full moon baby, treat him with understanding. Do not scold him, in this case, he will rebel even more! Gently and patiently teach him to be more restrained.*

Try to become a freelancer or create your own business. It does not suit you to obey someone, it kills your full potential.

Live in harmony with the Moon – this is very important for you! Find out what is the mood of the Earth satellite on each lunar day. Act when the moon is favorably disposed towards your cause. Eat according to the recommendations of the Moon Calendar, and you will live a long and happy life!

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