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At full moon – what we should and shouldn’t do on the full moon day

At full moon, the energy of the Earth satellite reaches its maximum. Its visible surface is fully illuminated by the sun. Without a doubt, a full moon day is the moment of the peak of lunar power.

Surely you have already heard about the strong influence of the moon on all alive creatures on Earth. In the middle of the cycle, its effect is even more powerful, and you should take it into account when planning your affairs. Despite the popular belief that the full moon is an auspicious day, “the time of the witches’ Sabbath”, the moon at this time helps people in many matters.

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What to do at full moon

For example, a reasonable risk with self-confidence can be very successful.
On this day, it is good to cut hair, it will become thicker and more magnificent; adjust the shape of the eyebrows.
It is important to eat fresh food, preferably meals that the Moon Calendar advises. It has tips on proper diet for each lunar day 👇

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It’s good to bring the relationship to a new level – offer the date, start live together, make a love confession. In general, at full moon, we can and should do everything that we have long wanted and planned, but did not dare to do.

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What not to do at full moon

The fact is that under the influence of the full moon energy people become more emotional and impulsive. Astrologers advise not to blindly follow instincts on this day and control emotions. If a conflict is brewing – postpone the conversation and keep silent. You can constructively discuss the problem tomorrow.

If you play sports, the full moon is better not to increase the load, but continue in the same rhythm as before. Refrain also from household chores, general cleaning.

At full moon also increases the desire for freedom and rebellion. If at work you are subordinate, you may be very annoyed by the bosses. Refrain from scandals on this day. If you have a desire to quit your work, wait a few days. If the desire does not disappear, do it.

By the way, a favorable lunar day to quit your work and clean the house (that is, for getting rid of all unnecessary) – 29th, just before the new moon. In our Moon Calendar, you will find lunar days schedule and tips for each of them on all spheres of life.

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