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Gibbous Moon during the lunar cycle – Gibbous Moon effects

Gibbous Moon is the phase of the lunar cycle in which more than half of the lunar disk shines in the sky. Like the crescent moon, the gibbous occurs twice during the month – on the waxing and on the waning moon.

The satellite of our planet has a huge impact on life on it, including the state, mood, and behavior of a person. Let’s see what are the features of the gibbous moon and how it affects people.

Gibbous Moon – general characteristics

As I have already said, the gibbous is the Moon, more than half illuminated. The energy of the Earth’s satellite during this period is very powerful. It contributes to the bold actions in the outside world, plans implementation, initiative, creation, changes.

Waxing gibbous lasts from 9th to 14th day of the lunar cycle and is located between the first quarter and full moon. Astrologers call this phase the “lunar summer.” Gibbous on a waning moon begins immediately after the full moon and ends with the third quarter. It rules from 16th to 21st lunar day and corresponds to the “lunar autumn”.

waxing gibbous moon

Waxing gibbous moon – “lunar summer” (9th -14th lunar days)

The first in the cycle, the appearance of the gibbous moon in the sky calls the person to begin active actions, the realization of desires and plans built on the waxing crescent. This period is called the time of active external action.

On the waxing gibbous you need to get rid of the fears that prevent you from moving towards your dreams. It is reasonable to evaluate the risks. It is good to create traditions and honor the traditions of the ancestors, to strengthen the relationship with older relatives, to find a mentor and teacher. This phase can be quite exhausting, so everyone needs support. It is helpful to help others discover their potential, engage in charity work, simply support friends and loved ones.

If you live in harmony with the Moon from the very beginning of the lunar cycle, your “lunar summer” will be very successful and productive.

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waning gibbous moon

Waning gibbous moon – “lunar autumn” (16th – 21st lunar days)

After the full moon, we again see the gibbous moon in the sky. Now it is time for a passive external action, or “lunar autumn.”

That says it all: it’s time to harvest what you sowed on the waxing crescent and what you were actively working on on the waxing gibbous. You have the first results that need to be analyzed and, possibly, corrected. This period is great for relaxation, fun, celebrations. In all the cultures of the world, there was a harvest festival. You must encourage yourself for your work and praise for success. Failure is a lesson from which you can draw valuable insights.

It is useful on a waning gibbous to throw away all unnecessary things, get rid of excess. The load must be gradually reduced, because the closer the new moon, the less power a person has.

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