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Crescent Moon during the lunar cycle – Crescent Moon effects

Crescent Moon is the moon phase, during which less than half of the lunar disk shines in the sky. Crescent moon happens twice during the lunar cycle – on the waxing and waning phases.

For the first time after a new moon, a waxing crescent appears, which reigns from 1st to 7th lunar day and ends with the first quarter. Then, we can see the crescent moon after the third quarter, from 23d to 28th lunar day, right up to the very new moon.

Since the Moon has a huge impact on the physical and emotional state of a person, let’s consider the crescent moon effects on us and our lives.

Crescent Moon from 1st to 7th lunar day, or “lunar spring”

Crescent moon appears in the sky at the very beginning of the lunar cycle. Since the entire cycle is conventionally divided into four seasons, the waxing crescent corresponds to spring, dawn, and childhood. They also call this period the time of “active internal action”, planning, training, preparation.

From 1st to 7th lunar day it is good to decide on your desires and goals, think through the strategy of their implementation, find the necessary information. It’s not time to start active actions, because after the new moon the body doesn’t have enough strength.

However, you should not idle too. If during the waxing crescent you manage to make plans for this lunar cycle, you will be able to realize them on the gibbous moon phase.

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Crescent Moon from 23d to 28th lunar day, or “lunar winter”

As I said earlier, it is better to carry out all actions in the outside world during the gibbous phase — the lunar “summer” or “autumn”. A waning crescent is a time of passive internal action. That is, during this period, we should again look inside. And if from 1st to 7th lunar day we worked with our dreams and goals, then from 23d to 28th we should analyze the results and sum up.

It is useful for a lunar winter to identify what worked before and led to success, and what strategies provoked defeat. During this period, you need to abandon all unnecessary, old, non-working. If you succeed, a lot of fresh ideas will appear in your mind that you can realize in the next lunar month.

If on the waxing crescent it is good to start something and increase it, then on the waning one you can easily reduce and get rid of – bad habits, excess weight, and so on.

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