лунный календарь стрижек на октябрь 2017

Haircuts lunar calendar October 2017

As you know, the Moon affects the rate of growth and development of all life on Earth. The lunar law is simple and logical. The Growing Moon encourages growth and augmentation, while the Waning slows growth and “freeze” the results. Using this knowledge in our hair care, we can greatly simplify our life and improve the results!

Haircuts lunar calendar October 2017 – favorable days

The beginning of October 2017 falls almost to the middle of the lunar cycle. Accordingly, most favorable days to cut hair which you want to grow fall into the second half of October. For the haircut, which shape you want to keep, or for correcting the model haircut, the dates from the first half of October are better.

In the table below, we collected recommendations for each date, including also unfavorable lunar days for a haircut in October 2017. The unfavorability of certain lunar days can be caused by a high degree of emotional stress during these periods. (And the barber is also a person with an emotional background). In addition, some days of the lunar cycle are associated with certain organs of the human body. On such days, the Moon does not encourage interference with them from outside. In general, we took into account all the laws of the lunar cycle. You only need to determine the purpose of your trip to the hairdresser and choose the right date!

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Haircuts lunar calendar October 2017

Haircuts lunar calendar October 2017

(“+” favorable days, “-” unfavorable)

10/1neutral day
10/2neutral day
10/3 + cut hair for length
10/4neutral day
10/5 + cut hair for length
10/6neutral day
10/7 + haircut
10/8 + haircut
10/9 + haircut
10/10 + haircut
10/11 + haircut
10/12 + haircut
10/13 + haircut
10/14 - haircut
10/15 + haircut will keep its shape for a long time
10/16 + haircut will keep its shape for a long time
10/17 + haircut will keep its shape for a long time
10/18neutral day
10/19 + haircut will keep its shape for a long time
10/20 + cut hair for length
10/21 + cut hair for length
10/22 - haircut (excluding the haircut for children)
10/23 - haircut
10/24 - haircut
10/25 - haircut
10/26 + cut hair for length
10/27 + cut hair for length
10/28 - haircut
10/29 + cut hair for length
10/30neutral day
10/31neutral day

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