благоприятные лунные дни для маникюра октябрь 2017

Manicure lunar calendar October 2017

Many processes on the Earth are controlled by her mysterious and beautiful companion – the Moon. One of the most bright examples is the ebb and flow of the seas and oceans. The Moon affects all living things on our planet, and the humans are no exception! Therefore, whatever beauty procedure you take – whether it is the hair, skin, or nails care, – at first look into the lunar calendar. It is just as important to choose the right date for this or that procedure, as to choose a good beauty salon.

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Manicure lunar calendar October 2017 – favorable days

This article is about the manicure, hands and nails care, and other procedures with them – for example, nail extensions. We will tell you which date in October 2017 will suit you best.

The beginning of October 2017 falls almost to the middle of the lunar cycle. We have prepared for you a convenient table with favorable and unfavorable dates for manicure. But do not forget that the beginning and end of the lunar day does not always coincide with the beginning and end of a specific date. To get more accurate information about the lunar days of this month, take a look at our Lunar Calendar >>.

Manicure lunar calendar October 2017

Manicure lunar calendar October 2017

(“+” favorable days, “-” unfavorable)

10/1 + manicure
10/2neutral day
10/3neutral day
10/4neutral day
10/5neutral day
10/6 + nail extension
10/7neutral day
10/8 - manicure
10/9 + manicure
10/10 + manicure
10/11 + manicure
10/12 - manicure
10/13neutral day
10/14neutral day
10/15 + manicure
10/16neutral day
10/17neutral day
10/18 + nail extension
10/19 - manicure
10/20neutral day
10/21neutral day
10/22neutral day
10/23neutral day
10/24 + manicure
10/25 + manicure
10/26neutral day
10/27neutral day
10/28neutral day
10/29neutral day
10/30 + manicure
10/31neutral day

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