Lilith – Black Moon in Gemini

In each person’s horoscope there is an indicator of dark karma. This is Black Moon, or Lilith. This is the so-called fictitious planet: not a real celestial body, but a certain point in the horoscope. Its position in one or another sign of the zodiac shows your weak point. Its helps to understand where provocations, temptations and trials await a person.

There are periods when Black Moon is strongest – years, multiples of 9.

It is for 9 years that the planet of dark karma bypasses the entire zodiac and returns to the starting point, where it was at the moment of birth of a person. Now, many fateful events occur. Approximately five months before his return and five months after him. It considered a period of reckoning for mistakes, punishment for sins. And although now difficult events may occur, people given the opportunity to redeem all the evil things that they have done. Sometimes during the return of the Black Moon nothing can happen.


Lilith in the history

Lilith is an evil spirit, usually female, that comes to us from a Jewish culture.

The name goes back to the names of three Sumerian demons: Lilu, Lilitu, and Ardam Lily. Lilu refers to the spirit that has a male nature, Lilitu – female.

Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who left him to harm the newborn. According to Talmud, men are not recommended to spend the night alone. So as not to expose themselves to temptation on the part of Lilith. Thus, Adam and Eve, who spent 130 years in excommunication, gave birth to many spirits and lilith, cohabiting with them. According to the book Zohar, Lilith, having left Adam, became the mother of many demons.

The Greeks called the Black Moon Hecate, which embodies the worst that is in the subconscious nature of man.

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Lilith in Gemini

Keywords: violations in the information exchange, promiscuity in contacts and contacts.

Negative manifestations in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • At the lowest level – a thief, gossip, pimp; zolyuzychnik;
  • At the middle level – a victim of slander, theft. Zatyukannost relatives, neighbors;
  • At the highest level – integrity, independence from gossip, avoidance of theft and derogation.

Active Black Moon in Gemini: characterized by talkative. Such a person weaves intrigue, dissolves gossip, blurs out other people’s secrets.

Passive Lilith in Gemini: makes a person illegible. This manifested in watching various low-end shows or TV shows; reading the yellow press. Such people more often than others fall victim to gossip, slander and gossip.

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How to live with Lilith in Gemini?

  • Learn to relax, relax from mental work;
  • Do things that must professional manifestation of the qualities of Gemini – work related to processing and issuing information, where you have to read a lot. For example, a journalist, writer, programmer, teacher;
  • Do not force yourself to keep up the conversation, and also allow yourself to say “I do not know this”;
  • Engage in self-education. Read different sources, analyze, draw your own conclusions, and then share with others. Do not forget to simplify the information as much as possible (as if you are going to teach a first-grader);
  • Remember the emotional component of relationships and express your feelings;
  • Do not try to think and speak for everyone, give other people the opportunity to show their intelligence.

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