black moon in aries

Lilith – The Black Moon in Aries

In astrology, Lilith is a fictitious planet: not a real celestial body, but a specific point in the horoscope. The position of the Black Moon taken into account by many astrologers of various schools. Lilith in one or another sign of the zodiac shows your weak point. It helps to understand where a person expected by provocations, temptations and trials. At the same time, the Black Moon is the point of application of our efforts aimed at getting rid of evil. It indicates what we need to change in ourselves.

Thus, Lilith is a lesson, not a sentence. Knowing in which situations you are particularly inclined to show weakness, you can control. Thus inner harmony restored, and dark karma neutralized.
It is important to know that the Black Moon can be active and passive. To understand what it is, find out its location in your horoscope and analyze your own behavior. This will state the path of resistance to adversity.

There are periods when Black Moon is the strongest – years, multiples of 9. It is over 9 years that the planet of dark karma bypasses the entire zodiac and returns to the starting point, where it was at the time of the birth of man.

Lilith in Aries

Lilith in the history

According to Jewish legends, this is Adam’s first wife who left him. She became the progenitress of many demons. It is the embodiment of a negative feminine, succubus, which comes to sleeping men. It harms children, from birth until the eighth day.

In the Jewish folk mythology, Lilith mentioned quite often. It said that she lives east of the Dead Sea, in ruins, among animals. Even in the Old Testament there are references to it. Jews even wore special amulets for protection.

In Kabbalah she associated with Black Moon.

Sometimes she compared to Lamia, the queen of Libya. She takes revenge on Hera, taking away children from women and engaged in vampirism.

In Sumerian mythology there are also references to Lilith, as one of the goddesses of fertility. Although at the same time it associated with the dark moon.

There are references to Lilith in the mythology of the Etruscans. Here she met the dead at the gates to the underworld.

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Lilith in Aries

Keywords: heroism and extremes (excessive activity or passivity).

Negative manifestations of Lilith in Aries in the past can now give the following extremes:

  • Lowest level – participation in fights, knifing, killing, banditry;
  • Average level – a victim of violence, mockery of a person;
  • Highest level – the ability to recognize killers, personal fearlessness.

Active Lilith in Aries: the internal impulse to action becomes so powerful that all manifestations accompanied by an uncontrolled release of dark energy. Decisiveness becomes uncontrollable pressure, impulsiveness – in absolute unpredictability, and independence and independence – to impose their will and subjugate others. The struggle with obstacles and the suppression of someone else’s resistance give you an inexplicable pleasure.

Passive Black Moon in Aries: a person becomes a convenient object for manipulation. Develop indecision, lack of initiative, lack of independence, laziness. At the same time, aggressiveness accumulates, which has a destructive effect on health and emotional state. Also, people with passive Black Moon in Aries attract aggression from others, can subjected to violence.

Recommendation: avoid activity, swiftness, pressure, fire, firearms, sharp objects. To develop fearlessness, endurance and distribute their forces.

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