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Pluto aspects in astrology

аспект Марс-Плутон
Pluto personifies wars and mass catastrophes. A planet of enormous collective energy, the ruler of nuclear energy. In astrology, this is the highest manifestation of Mars. But unlike the latter, Pluto is a collective planet, and it affects the destinies of entire generations of people.

аспекты Меркурия

Pluto aspects with Mercury

The planet Mercury bears the name of the god of travel and trade. In astrology, it symbolizes a keen mind, communication skills and the ability to profit. Mercury can give a person with excellent intellectual abilities, a mass of useful acquaintances.

Favorable aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Pluto Conjunction differs insight and ingenuity. This allows you to see the intentions of people through, to think at the root of the problem. Coldness and impartiality in judgment. Truth is much more valuable than tranquility, and objectivity is much more valuable than a sense of rightness.

Mercury-Pluto Sextile develops the ability to expose themselves in a favorable light. A developed willpower, the ability to concentrate all its forces on one, especially important thing. The desire to learn new things, observe and love the natural sciences.

Mercury-Pluto Trine gives parapsychological abilities, a high interest in spiritualism and the afterlife. Forgotten, fearless, venturesome. Have a lively mind and a good memory.

Unfavorable Pluto aspects with Mercury

Mercury-Pluto Square can boast a penetrating mind, which makes it possible to understand the essence of any issue. The embarrassment for such a person is not at all characteristic, he always speaks his point of view.

Mercury-Pluto Opposition there is a strong tension in the mental plane. These are people who work with classified materials, they are often trusted by responsible tasks. Their activities can related to espionage, detective investigations.

аспекты Венеры

Pluto aspects with Venus

Venus named after the goddess of love, inspiration and beauty. Ancient Roman goddess Venus is like ancient Aphrodite. It protects love, romance, art. And the passion of her character expressed in a high temperature on the surface of the planet.

Favorable aspects with Venus

Venus-Pluto Conjunction enhances charm, which borders on mystical appeal. Propensity to deep feelings and excessive dramatization of events. In representatives of the sign Scorpio can denote a strong dislike for children, cruelty in dealing with them.

Venus-Pluto Sextile pleases with originality in creative power, which allows people to achieve great heights in the work they are doing. It can be, both dances, and a vocal. That’s why you need to try yourself in different directions of art, until you find an occupation that is ideal. Marriage in this aspect often proves successful.

Venus-Pluto Trine guarantees a harmonious and reliable marriage for love, charm in circulation. Emotional nature, fall in love with the whole heart. Have success with the public, strive to make others happy.

Unfavorable Pluto aspects with Venus

Venus-Pluto Square awakens interest in magical mysteries. And occult knowledge can used either for love spells, or for achieving glory. But this does not guarantee obtaining the necessary result. After all, the result is disappointing. Partner, will not be at all the one who needed, but an excellent financial situation to change.

Venus-Pluto Opposition is associated with difficulties with tax payments, public finances, insurance, in obtaining inheritance. Unhappiness in love can bring to suicide.

соединение Венера-Марс

Pluto aspects with Mars

The ancient Roman god Mars was impulsive and craved for conquests. In astrology, the planet has become a figure capable of giving people energy and will in favorable aspects. It provoking destruction and adversity in the unfavorable.

Favorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Pluto Conjunction brings a lot of positive points, but makes a person a little cruel. In pursuit of success and popularity, you can lose friends and acquaintances. All their forces, such people focus on themselves and their demands, while others are often forgotten, even if they need their help. In order not to become too embittered, you must work on yourself and control your actions.

Mars-Pluto Sextile endows magical abilities, which allows you to take advantage of any business. Mentally and strong personality.

Mars-Pluto Trine allows you to draw strength from higher sources. Thus, people are tireless, enduring. Own to yourself. Do not get distracted, do not confused and intimidated. Ruthless in the struggle, have physical strength. They move in the rhythm of life. The will developed. With a weak horoscope-stubbornness, wilfulness.

Unfavorable aspects with Mars

Mars-Pluto Square forms the belief that anger can destroy relationships with loved ones and even lead to renunciation. People are very much in control of anger, but at the same time they do not want to part with it. This explained by the fact that the power of anger exaggerated.

Mars-Pluto Opposition hands on verification on the path of human development. With a bad horoscope – devilish force, dangerous. It is necessary to search for the correct use of forces, since actions lead to far-reaching consequences. In wartime – participation in battles. Possible natural disasters, in the worst case – criminal activity.

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Марс-Юпитер в соляре

Pluto aspects with Jupiter

In astrology, Jupiter handles the social ties of man, his self-affirmation in society. It gives a feeling of fullness of being, a desire to develop its capabilities.

Favorable aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction realizes all the tasks. In the financial plan pleases with reasonableness. This aspect considered the most successful for judges and analysts. Such people are excellent at solving the motives of other people’s behavior.

Jupiter-Pluto Sextile helps a person come into contact with higher powers. Often people can boast of creative abilities. This aspect stimulates the imagination, which increases the chances of success in many spheres of life.

Jupiter-Pluto Trine responsible for joy, optimism, self-reliance. It accumulates goodwill and universal trust. New discoveries given with ease.

Unfavorable Pluto aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter-Pluto Square provides a sharp condemnation of violence in society, exploitation of others. A good aspect for fighters with injustice. But the main problem lies in the selection of tools to achieve the goal.

Jupiter-Pluto Opposition impose their world view. A variety of conflicts are characteristic. The pursuit of wealth and power leads to dubious activities.

секстиль Марс-Сатурн

Pluto aspects with Saturn

Saturn is one of the brightest planets in astrology, regardless of the position that it occupies in the horoscope. If you want to learn something about changes that cause a person to overestimate his whole life then first of all check the position of Saturn.

Favorable aspects with Saturn

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction sometimes called magical, because it can lead to a change during the world order. The aspect influences the emergence of great thinking abilities, increases insight.

Saturn-Pluto Sextile gives the opportunity to control the will and it is expedient to use it. This aspect helps to establish harmony with the outside world.

Saturn-Pluto Trine allows us to apply the laws and principles of subtle energies or . A positive aspect for physicists, occultists, clairvoyants, magicians, astrologers. In the presence of good aspects to Pluto and Saturn – a broad understanding of the picture of life and peace.

Unfavorable aspects with Saturn

Saturn-Pluto Square strengthens the desire to gain power and brings it to the extreme. Collusion and various intrigues are possible. The constant change in the situation in society can cause frustration, a significant increase in the duties of a person.

Saturn-Pluto Opposition does not allow ambition to fulfill his dreams. Characterized by a person’s inability to realize his potential. To achieve success, it takes hard work and strong will.

трин Марс-Нептун в соляре

Pluto aspects with Uranus

Behind the planet Uranus watched from the end of the 17th century, although at that time a star seen in it. Uranus said the need for radical change. But they are rarely welcomed, because they put everything upside down. This planet claims that it is necessary to abandon the desire for financial success and stability. After all, attachment to material things does not allow you to become free.

Favorable aspects with Uranus

Uranus-Pluto Conjunction gives a person a strong, but hidden identity. In the nature there is a sharp loss of interest in cases, revision of decisions. Self-expression is possible only through abrupt changes.

Uranus-Pluto Sextile – this is the probability of discoveries in science through the use of natural matter. Key words: illumination, higher knowledge, wisdom.

Uranus-Pluto Trine is characterized by a double coloration of Scorpio. Here the beginning of all the spiritual qualities of Scorpio manifests itself in the highest degree. Aspect gives the will, which finds a way out in the activities aimed at transforming civilization, the thirst for reform.

Unfavorable aspects with Uranus

Uranus-Pluto Square responsible for the consistency, innovative trends. It is possible to solve social difficulties. The negative side is the sharp refusal to accept public bias.

Uranus-Pluto Opposition is always connected with global changes in the structure of the world. This is often a war, a revolution, political fanaticism. Characteristic outbreaks of anger, but people adapt to the conditions and reacts.

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Марс-Нептун в натале

Pluto aspects with Neptune

Neptune is a planet of mysteries and illusions. Its power manifests itself in the imagination. Neptune reflects fantasy and a propensity for mysticism. The planet has a strong influence on generations. Because of his small speed of the zodiac, he spends about fourteen years in each sign.

Favorable aspects with Neptune

Neptune-Pluto Conjunction helps to understand the concealment of meanings in many life situations. Often an aspect associated with political changes in the country or society as a whole. Often people are devout and believers, they want to involve other people in their faith.

Neptune-Pluto Sextile affects the generation. Promotes the development of the spiritual component. It can symbolize the development of supernatural possibilities, giftedness in creativity.

Neptune-Pluto Trine is the most occult, long-lasting aspect. The general tendency to follow mystical tendencies, trust clairvoyance, intuition.

Unfavorable aspects with Neptune

Neptune-Pluto Square can cause overstrain in the mental and intellectual spheres. Duality of will and feelings can manifest themselves in the perception of the surrounding world. The desire to have power and to be the first controlled.

Neptune-Pluto Opposition responsible for the tendency to occultism and tension in the mental plane. Subconscious instincts contradict the conscious desire for power. The features of opposition manifestation depend on signs and houses. The problems in the sphere of religion and social tension are unavoidable.

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