четвертая четверть лунного цикла

Lunar cycle phases

Each lunar day has its own particular character, mood, and habits. Nevertheless, some of them have something in common, determined by the period of the lunar cycle. This general leitmotif allows astrologers to divide them into four groups. The Moon, from its birth to the new birth, has its own seasons and ages. The first quarter of the lunar cycle, from the first day of the emergence of the waxing crescent to the ninth, is a lunar spring, or childhood. The second – from the ninth lunar day to the sixteenth is a summer, or youth. Lunar autumn, or maturity, comes on the sixteenth lunar day and lasts until the twenty-third. Finally, there is a winter and old age, the end of which comes with the new birth of the Earth’s satellite.

Lunar spring (1st – 8th lunar days)

first quarter of the lunar cycle
The first quarter of the lunar cycle is considered as a phase of active internal action. A child discovers the world, forms as a person, determines the vectors of the future development, its desires, develops certain habits. So, the lunar days of this early period contribute to the successful planning of any of your affairs, the generation of ideas, the development of habits. It’s time to start thinking about the tasks for the next lunar month! The planets favor those who direct their energy to planning and laying the foundation in the first lunar days of the cycle.

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Lunar summer (9th – 15th lunar days)

second quarter of the lunar cycle
The second quarter of the lunar cycle is the active external action phase . The youth of man is the time of active action, self-realization, the embodiment of children’s desires, and summer is the time when the fruits ripen. In other words, any thought in these periods materializes, brings a certain result, which can already be felt. Use the energy of the second lunar quarter to bravely embark on the realization of what was planned in the lunar spring.

Lunar autumn (16th – 23d lunar days)

third quarter of the lunar cycle
The third quarter of the lunar cycle comes immediately after the full moon and is considered as a phase of passive external action. Autumn in nature, like maturity in human life, is essentially the result of what was done before. If the fields were treated carefully and the harvest turned out rich, the autumn will be full. If in youth your actively worked for your goal, in maturity you have already reached a certain level of the life’s quality. Lunar autumn is the time when your spring ideas have already bring the first fruits, and now it’s time to continue working at a calm pace on them. To step back slightly, correct the bugs, put things in order in all spheres of your life.

Lunar winter (24th – 30th lunar days)

fourth quarter of the lunar cycle
The last, fourth quarter of the lunar cycle is a phase of passive inner action. Winter in nature is a hibernation, and old age in life is a time to sum up. Thus, the last days of the lunar cycle are intended for the logical completion of all your affairs. For the full rest, analysis of the departed lunar month, determination of development vectors for the next lunar cycle.

When it comes to the Moon energy, it’s better to go with the flow! 🙂

Accordingly, the first two quarters of the lunar cycle are the favorable periods for everything related to creation, growth, multiplication. Bravely engage in creativity, open your business, plant plants, start a fitness program or go to French courses, or, at last, start dating with somebody! The second two lunar quarters, on the other hand, are excellent for getting rid of all useless stuff. The hair, harmful habits, rubbish in the house, awful relationships, and so on. Of course, you can do everything on the contrary, no one can forbid you! But, then you remain without the support of a powerful source of energy and, even worse, go against the energy flow of the moon. And this energy is much stronger than yours, believe me.

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