planet of the day

Planet of the day


Sun Sunday

Sun is the planet of the day one, Sunday. Whatever you begin on this day is likely to succeed! Days of the Sun were created for the active joy, celebration, and happiness. Start to communicate with people today – the sun will help you to get the good friends and reliable partners. Start to take care of your health today, and the sun will give you cheerfulness and its bright and warm energy. The week starts on Sunday!


Moon Monday

Moon is the Monday’s ruler. Restless and changeable, the Moon in astrology is responsible for emotion, mood changes, femininity. Because of this, it is better to devote the Mondays to household chores, communication with loved ones, family, parenting. Any great work, which begun on Monday, probably will flow unstable and change its direction, so this day is not the most auspicious for starting business projects.

Monday is the hard day only if you go against the tide of the Moon energy. Use the energy of the day for your own benefit, take care of your loved ones and your home coziness, find a way to please friends and colleagues. Satisfied moon will give you good health and happy relationships with others.

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Mars Tuesday

Mars is the celestial patron of Tuesday. The energy of this planet is very powerful and assertive. Mars will strengthen your leadership traits and help you in any business that requires intelligence and courage. Tuesday is the perfect time to start an innovative project, take the initiative, convince others of your rightness. The more that you do today, the more energy you’ll get for the further actions!

Avoid aggression and conflicts – Mars can inflate a large quarrel. It is also better to postpone the search for compromise in a relationship to another day of the week.


planet of the day Wednesday

Mercury is the planet of the day four, Wednesday. This planet is responsible for all intellectual, for communication, traveling, shopping. Mercury gives us rationality, quick thinking, and wit, so Wednesday is perfect for anything that requires clear mindset, dialogue, and decision-making. Arrange a business meeting and conclude profitable deals, begin to learn new things, acquire useful contacts, go on trips or shopping – the skies help you today!


Jupiter Thursday

The Thursday is ruled by Jupiter – the most philosophical and spiritual planet in astrology. Jupiter is responsible for prosperity, abundance and high ideals, it helps us to expand the boundaries through spiritual practices and self-discovery techniques. Dedicate Thursday to training, self-improvement, deep reflection. Today is the perfect day to start a large-scale project, restore justice, engage in political activities and social work, legitimize the relationship with your loved one.


planet of the day Friday

Beautiful Venus is the Friday’s ruler. This planet loves all beautiful and romantic, the passion and art. The best decision is to spent Friday relaxing in a beautiful place, go to the theater or gallery, arrange a romantic date, prepare a pleasant surprise or a gift for a loved one. It is important to take the time for yourself, dress pretty, make your hair and nails. Unleash your imagination, create, love, and enjoy the beauty today – Venus will fulfill all your wildest dreams!


Saturn Saturday

Saturn is the patron of the Saturday. It is the coldest and the most ascetic planet which loves the discipline, privacy, and tranquility. It’s better to be alone with yourself, relax, meditate, reflect on your goals, summarize on Saturday. It is perfect for anything that requires a sober, realistic and practical approach.

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