best lunar days for dental treatment

Best lunar days for dental treatment

Are you planning a visit to the dentist? Not the most pleasant event, but the good result is the main thing. For it, first of all you should decide what exactly you are going to do with your teeth.

It happens that pain leads us to the dentist. However, modern medicine offers many interesting options to enhance your smile: In-Office Teeth Whitening, Dental Bonding, Enamel Shaping, Dental Veneers, Gum Reshaping. You can find out the whole truth about these treatments and average prices for them here:

God gives a man teeth two times in his life, for the third time he has to pay

Then, when you have chosen your goal, you should carefully select a clinic and a doctor. However, this is not the end yet.

Astrologers are confident that the day on which the procedure takes place has no less effect on its result. So, today we will learn how to choose a favorable moon day for the success of any procedure.

First of all, synchronize the beginning of your treatment with the lunar cycle. The best days for a trip to the first consultation with a dentist are 1 and 2 lunar days. Diagnosis carried out on this day will give the most clear picture of your condition and help to outline the best plan for further procedures. But do not despair if you are not able to start with the Moon. There are many other favorable days for dental treatment in the lunar cycle. To begin with, let’s understand what defines the favorable lunar days and exclude days in which you should not treat your teeth.

Unfavorable lunar days for dental treatment

Remember that every lunar day corresponds to a certain part of the human body, activate certain organs. Experts advise to avoid direct exposure to the organ on that lunar day, which activates it. Therefore, the lunar calendar of dental treatment excludes days activating the oral cavity and associated with speech – 7 and 22.

In addition, there are some days of the Moon phase’s change in the lunar cycle. Generally, such days are considered as unfavorable and even satanic in some esoteric schools. In fact, these days of the lunar cycle – 9, 15, 19, and 29 – are simply characterized by a very powerful flow of lunar energy, which not all people can cope with. Therefore, do not forget that the dentist is also a human. It is better not to visit him on unfavorable lunar days.

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treat teeth by the lunar calendar

Favorable lunar days for dental treatment

It is simple to choose when to treat teeth by the lunar calendar. After all, the Moon favors such procedures for most of the cycle. Among successful days for prevention, dentures, tooth extraction are 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 24, 28 lunar days. Be careful if you are going to do cleaning procedures! Such procedures should be done on the waning moon, to keep the result for longer.

Lunar calendar of dental treatment – general rules

Plan the beginning of the course of dental treatment at the beginning of the lunar cycle. The first lunar week is great for any kind of diagnosis and almost all possible procedures. When determining when to treat teeth by the lunar calendar, keep in mind that there are a few special days you can use to plan anything, including your visits to the dentist.

So, 1 lunar day of the cycle is created for planning, defining goals and desires, thinking through strategies in any area of your life. If you go to a consultation, plan a course of treatment and carry out a diagnosis on the first lunar day, you probably will be pleased with the result.
7 lunar day activates the power of the word. Therefore, keep in mind that everything you say on this day will surely come true. On the 7th lunar day, teeth should not be treated, but it is very useful to formulate a positive result of the future treatment aloud.
11 lunar day fills us with energy and confidence. Wishes conceived on this day will necessarily come true, if you really believe in it and clearly know what you want. It’s very good to work with the visualization of your desires on the 11 lunar day. A shining “hollywood smile” in the center of your wishes map will give an excellent result 🙂

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