Lunar days

Lunar days lucky colors & mascots (table)

Do you plan an important meeting, public speech, a serious conversation, an exam? In addition to careful preparation for the event, you need to take care of your appearance and enlist the support of the Moon! The most powerful energy of the Earth satellite causes tides and ebbs of huge oceans. Can we imagine, how powerful is its impact on us, humans? How can you get Moon’s help in important event in your life? And why the Moon should help you?

Lunar days lucky colors & mascots – how it works?

In fact, everything is simple and logical. In a full cycle of the phases changing, from one New Moon to another, the Moon passes through 30 so-called lunar days. Each of these time intervals corresponding to a certain mood of the Earth’s sattelite. Each lunar day has certain characteristics, such as a symbol, element, shape, mascot stone, lucky color. In addition, each of the lunar days is favorable for the some actions and events in different spheres of human life. Therefore, the first thing you should do when planning an important meeting is to take a look at the Lunar Calendar and choose the most suitable lunar day.

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Lunar days lucky colors

How to use the lunar days lucky colors?

If you haven’t rights to select a date, you can enlist the support of the Moon by choosing the lunar days lucky colors and the mascot stones. lunar days lucky colors can be used in clothes, make-up, in the choice of nail polish, pencils and pens – in general, anything that will stay next to you directly at the moment of an important event (or better, for a whole day). And if you complete the lunar days lucky colors with their mascots, the luck will follow you! 🙂

In the table below, we have collected the information for every day of June 2017, so it would be suitable for you to choose a wardrobe, make-up and jewerly that will attract luck to your life.

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Lunar days lucky colors & mascots/ June 2017

DateLucky colorMascot
06/01purple, mauve, lilac and whitehyacinth, citrine
06/02red, scarlet, and blackgarnet, uvarovite, olivine, beryl
06/03orange, red, and chocolate brownblack pearl, alexandrite
06/04yellow, gold, amber, lemon, saffron and ocheramber, olivine, beryl, onyx
06/05green, malachite and emeraldfire opal, hematite, carnelian
06/06blue, aqua and azurelapis lazuli, yellow, coral, pink pearl
06/07blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, and sapphirered opal, ruby
06/08purple, mauve, lilac and whitehyacinth
06/09red, scarlet, blackagate, jet
06/10orange and chocolate brown; white, silver, blueagate, jet
06/11yellow, goldhematite, zircon
06/12green, malachite and emeraldwhite agate, opal, purple amethyst, spinel
06/13blue, aqua and azureolivine, green garnet, red onyx
06/14blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, and sapphirered jasper, rock crystal
06/15purple, mauve, lilac and whitezircon, aventurine
06/16red, scarlet and blackblue agate, blue sapphire, blue jade, blue jade and amber
06/17orange, red, and chocolate brownblack jade
06/18yellow, gold, amber, lemon, saffron and ocherblack jasper, obsidian air, malachite, jade blue, grossularite
06/19green, malachite and emeraldspars (amulets), brindle (red) eye, falcon (blue) eyes, cat (green) eye
06/20blue, aqua and azureorpiment, yellow jade, jade
06/21blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, and sapphirepurple transparent amethyst, emerald, adularia, pink and crimson quartz, selenite
06/22purple, mauve, lilac and whitearagonite
06/23red, scarlet, and blackcoil, black pearl
06/24orange, red, and chocolate brownwhite coral, rock crystal and tourmaline
06/25orange, red, and chocolate browniridescent agate
06/26yellow, gold, amber, lemon, saffron and ocherruby, pyrite, aventurine
06/27green, malachite and emeraldonyx, amazonite (brings joy to home), green jade
06/28blue, aqua and azureturquoise, pink chalcedony, marble
06/29blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, and sapphiremarble
06/30blue, indigo, ultramarine, cornflower, and sapphiremarble