Transplanting houseplants lunar calendar

Transplanting houseplants lunar calendar

Indoor plants are the decoration and joy of any home. They please us and our guests with its rapid growth and lush flowering, but, meanwhile, add the hassle with transplanting. Everyone knows, there are cases when after transplanting at an unsuccessful moment the plant dies. To avoid such sad situation, it is enough to transplant neatly and correctly choose the time for it. Firstly, the time of successful transplanting depends on the life cycle of the plant, the periods of its flowering and dormancy, and so on. And secondly, the state of indoor plants, like all life on Earth, is strongly influenced by the Moon! What are the laws of the lunar cycle? How can we use them for the benefit of our indoor plants?

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Transplanting houseplants lunar calendar – General Rules

On the waxing Moon, all the juices of plants are concentrated in its above ground part. During this period of the lunar cycle, everything favors the active growth upwards, the development of the stem, flowers, and fruits. On the waning Moon, on the contrary, all the juices are concentrated under the ground – in roots and root-crops. Accordingly, transplanting houseplants lunar calendar is concentrated in the first half of the lunar month – on the waxing Moon. However, there are several days in this part of the lunar cycle, that are unfavorable for transplanting too.

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Transplanting houseplants lunar calendar – Best and Worst days

So, before transplanting indoor plants on the waxing Moon, you should exclude unfavorable periods: 1, 8 and 15 lunar days. On 1 lunar day, the plant is still too weakened after the New Moon.
8 and 15 lunar days are located at the intersection of the Moon phase changing and are generally considered as unfavorable.

If you already decided to transplant indoor plants on the waning Moon, exclude the worst days for the work with plant roots: 18, 20, 25, 29 lunar days. During these periods, the roots are particularly vulnerable and their accidental damage can lead to the plant’s death.

Transplanting houseplants lunar calendar best day is the 3 lunar day. Using the energy of the Moon on this day, you will give the plant the power to grow and bloom for your joy for a long time! 🙂

Housekeeping lunar calendarPlanning household chores by lunar calendar is a simple way to save your time by distributing it correctly in a harmony with the Moon. It is possible to keep your house tidy without cleaning everyday! We have collected recommendations for you about household chores for each lunar day in the Housekeeping lunar calendar.

Using the Housekeeping Moon Calendar for several lunar cycles, you will understand its logic and make sure that every lunar day with its character is in its own place:

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