sapphire magical properties

The symbol of the heavenly dome – magical properties of sapphire

Sapphire – a kind of mineral corundum, which in turn can have many shades (only bright red corundum is called ruby). Therefore, although speaking of sapphire, the stone is most often represented as a transparent gem of a bright blue color. However, they can be pink, yellow, green, red-orange, violet and colorless. For example, the sapphires of the Urals and the USA are gray-blue, and Australian and African stones have dichroism: along the elongation of the crystals they are dark blue, and across the green.

Sapphire is a mascot-gemstone of the 22 lunar day, the period of rest, the knowledge of oneself and the introduction of light into all spheres of life. This means that the sapphire obtains the greatest strength on day 7 after the Full Moon, and all rituals with it will be more effective at this time.

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Sapphire in the history of different countries

The name «sapphire» comes from the ancient Indian word «canipriya» – beloved by Saturn. Therefore the priests of the temple of Jupite constantly wore sapphires in the ring of the color of a cornflower. Also, this gem was adorned with clothes by priests in Judea, India.

In ancient times, sapphires were inlaid with goblets since it was believed that the stone could recognize the poison by changing its color, and it was also used as an antidote.

They also believed that he could even soften God’s wrath because sapphire is famous for transmitting the prayers of believers to heaven.

The precious mineral shone in the crown of Cleopatra. It is believed that the blue color of sapphire and its energy field calms down, relieve the excitement, the raging passions are quelled. It is not surprising that the stone became a talisman of philosophers, scientists and poets.

It was believed that the strength of the mineral helps a woman to attract the attention of her lover. Long ago, a ring with sapphire as an engagement sign was the dream of every girl who dreamed of a happy and long marriage. Gold earrings with sapphire were given to a married woman in recognition of her intelligence, earnestness, decency, purity of the soul.

Today, artificial sapphires are produced. Such a stone was first synthesized in the US in the middle of the twentieth century. Since then large-scale extraction of such corundum is being carried out all over the world. The main difference between artificial stones is the absence of natural inclusions, which can be seen only under a microscope.


Supphire in lithotherapy

Since ancient times, lithotherapists have been using sapphire to treat eye disease. It is believed that he is able to cure leprosy and all sorts of evil growths, acting as an antidote.

Sapphire helps with insomnia, back pain, colds, bronchial asthma, heart disease and even cancer. Has a positive effect on diabetes, kidney disease, lowers blood pressure.

According to Indian Ayurveda, sapphire has a therapeutic effect in neuralgia, epilepsy, can help people prone to hysterics and psychoses.

Sapphire is recommended towearing around the neck, in a gold frame. It must be remembered that a stone with defects can bring misfortunes (cracks in the mineral indicate an imminent danger).

Sapphire energetics and its impact on humans

Sapphire is a magical stone, giving fidelity and chastity:

  • As a talisman gives his master the ability to contemplate, develops clarity of thought, which helps to find a goal in his life, overcome all fears and depressions. Unsure of people gem gives decisiveness and courage
  • Emits the powerful energy of the cosmos. Sapphire strengthens loyalty and prudence in man. It protects from fear and perfidy, excites the concentration and purity of the soul, cools passion. That is why he was called a stone of nuns;
  • It ignites the fire of creativity, promotes the awakening of the extraordinary emotional vision and perception of life. He gives clarity to thoughts, stirs up a thirst for knowledge, strengthens memory;
  • It is able to pass through itself energy, purify it and give it to a person. So it is used in meditations, and also as talismans for people who are overcome by laziness.

On the 22th lunar day, when we need clarity of thought in the head, even a small sapphire crystal can help! Do not miss this powerful magical time with the Moon Calendar:

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