Manicure Moon calendar March 2018

Manicure Moon calendar March 2018

According to Ayurvedic teachings, some activities saturate woman with energy and strength, and others harass her. That’s why a woman, most of the time residing in “man’s” affairs, disharmonizes with her nature. What should the women who love their career do to stay happy and healthy?

In fact, the passion for work – not a hindrance to women’s happiness. We just need not forget to give time to the “female” activities: dance, listen to music, plant flowers, communicate with children. Sharing the knowledge and experience is also very feminine activity. However, the main pastime that fills a woman is caring for herself. All those procedures that we carry out to look good: sessions at the beautician, visits to the hairdresser, massages, manicures, and pedicures… And in order for such procedures to pass successfully, you need to choose a favorable date. Beauty Moon calendar will tell you all about cycle days:

Manicure by the Moon – general rules

Most girls who do not even know the laws of the lunar cycle have heard about the influence of the Moon phase on the growth of our hair and nails. The satellite passes a full life cycle in about 29 days, experiencing all possible states. New Moon, Growing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon… At the same time, New Moon and Full Moon are considered energetically tense periods in which it is better not to contact others without special need. Growing Moon accelerates the growth and development of living organisms. You need to cut your hair in this part of the cycle if you want them to grow back faster. Waning Moon, on the contrary, is a great time for getting rid of superfluous stuff.

As for the manicure, the same rule works here. If you dream of stronger and longer nails, it is worth doing a manicure in the first half of the lunar month. If you want to make “shellac”, then choose a waning phase – and you will not need to make a correction at the nearest time.

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Manicure Moon calendar March 2018

Manicure Moon calendar March 2018 – favorable days

Manicure Moon calendar March 2018 contains favorable, unfavorable and neutral dates for manicure and nail extensions. It takes into account not only the Moon phase but also the specific nature of the specific lunar day. So, in some periods, responsible for skin, any aggressive effect on the skin can result in trauma.

Favorable days for manicure in March 2018: March 6, 7, 8, 12, 22, 28
Favorable days for nail extension: March 3, 15
Unfavorable days for manicure: March 5, 9, 16
Neutral days: all the rest

You can find more information on beauty for each lunar day here:

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