Surgery Moon Calendar March

Surgery Moon Calendar March 2018

March is a great time to take care of your health. Winter is often a hard period for the body, especially in countries with a continental climate, with all four seasons. Insidious viruses go on hunting for people with weakened immunity, and in the end, by the beginning of spring, everyone feels even worse. The lack of vitamins and minerals, exhaustion and fatigue make us pay attention to our bodies.

Surgery Moon Calendar March 2018 contains useful tips on taking medicines and vitamin complexes, good dates for treating chronic diseases and getting rid of bad habits. If you plan surgery on some organ, you can find the most favorable day for it:

Laws of the cycle for surgery

When it comes to such an important event as the surgeon’s intervention in the body’s work, it is necessary to select the date with special care. The mechanisms of the lunar cycle are simple: if you want to get rid of something superfluous, be it papilloma or swelling, choose Waning Moon. This phase, in contrast to the Growing Moon, contributes to a decrease, slowing down, a kind of “freezing” of processes.

Be careful with the unfavorable days of the cycle. They are at the junction of phases and characterized by an elevated degree of emotional stress. It is better not to lie under a knife when the air is shaken by such powerful currents of lunar energy. In addition, consider the fact that every lunar day patronizes a certain part of the body. On the ruler day of a particular organ, it is best not to touch it.

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Surgery Moon Calendar March 2018

Surgery Moon Calendar March 2018 – favorable days

You can find favorable, unfavorable and neutral dates of this month for surgical operations in our Lunar Calendar. We have selected successful days for different organs of the body for your convenience:

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