Mars in Leo – the king on his throne

Mars in Leo is an interesting and powerful position of the planet of active actions in a creative fire sign. Mars rules the quantity and quality of our vital energy. And Leo is a regal and creative Zodiac Sign, seeking to gain admiration and worship from others. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars in Leo affects personality and all of us during the corresponding transit.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

Well, I know that Mars is often blamed for all the aggression and violence happening on earth. However, this planet plays an essential role in the human natal chart. After all, it endows each of us with the ability to act, develop, and achieve goals. We can say that Mars pours fuel into our tanks in the form of life energy. And its quantity and features directly depend on the Sign, in which Mars locates in the individual’s natal chart.

Mars in Leo gives a person a huge amount of energy, and this fuel, like everything related to Leo, is the most elite and high quality ๐Ÿ™‚ The Sun itself patronizes Leo, endowing this sign with truly divine abilities for creation, leadership, reign! Of course, there is always a flip side of the coin and spots even on the Sun. A person with Mars in Leo will direct his colossally powerful energy depending on the level of his development – in a positive or negative direction.

It is important to understand one thing about Leo. This Sign needs the admiration of other people more than anything else. If in childhood he does not receive enough admiration or, God forbid, on the contrary, receives humiliation and restrictions on his freedom, he will live with a huge gaping hole in his chest. In this case, all his energy will be aimed at drawing attention to his own person, demonstrating his achievements, gaining admiration. And believe me, he will do anything to get it – deception, cruelty, absolute obsession with himself, and so on.

Meanwhile, Mars in Leo in its positive manifestation is a wonderful, wise, courageous, responsible, and generous leader, distinguished by perseverance, fortitude, and a big kind heart. He can lead people and build empires. Here we have the same fiery energy as Aries, but in combination with Leo’s stability, it is enough for many years and even decades of hard work.

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Self-realization with Mars in Leo

So, the fuel in the tanks of Mars in Leo’s personality is the thirst for creativity and recognition of its results. Accordingly, he will do everything that will allow him to gain glory and power. And here, everything depends on the ideals accepted in his family and society. For example, if from childhood, such a person is taught that recognition is received for the amount of money earned, he will stubbornly strive to gain all the riches of the world. And if the criterion of coolness for him was the manifestation of kindness and care, we will get the greatest benefactor.

Such a person has everything – charisma, artistry, beauty, sportiness, generosity, management skills, and an entrepreneurial streak. Whatever he does, sooner or later, he will reach the top and shine on it like the Sun. Mars in Leo should be a public figure, a well-known person – if not all over the world, then in his chosen narrow circles.

Mars in Leo transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Leo ๐Ÿ™‚

Mars in Leo for a man – sexuality

In addition to energy reserves, Mars is also responsible for male sexuality, masculinity. You probably noticed the icon of Mars in astrology, which coincides with the traditional male symbol. Therefore, in the natal chart of a man, the position of Mars indicates its features in sex and relationships.

Mars in Leo gives a man sexy appeal, charisma, charm, magnetism. Such personalities usually have many fans, whose attention he sincerely enjoys. However, if he consciously chooses a partner for himself, he will be devoted to her without a trace. Do not forget, that behind all the outer pathos, Mars in Leo hides a soft and sensitive heart. If his partner truly admires and respects him, he will show tremendous generosity and care in return.

Among the negative traits, there is an inability to control their emotions, possessiveness, and self-centeredness. He can be very jealous and suppress a partner in society to get more attention to himself. Also, some laziness is inherent in Mars in Leo, which is probably necessary for any leader to be able to delegate tasks to subordinates ๐Ÿ™‚
In general, being the wife of the King has both advantages and disadvantages.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

In a natal chart of the woman, Venus is responsible for her sexuality. But Mars speaks of the type of man that this woman considers attractive. If you have Mars in Leo, you appreciate true alpha males, kings, stars. Most likely, you will notice a man with his own fan club. You are turned on by power and fame, and you are not averse to challenging yourself and winning the heart of that very inaccessible and โ€œcoolest guy in schoolโ€.

In most cases, a woman with Mars in Leo will appreciate luxury and lavish gifts during courtship. You will be conquered by a bright, strong leader capable of grand gestures. Just be ready to give in to him and praise him. In such a relationship, you will not be able to openly dominate – although, you probably don’t want to, since you choose such royal men for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Transit Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo transit affects all people on earth. During these times, even the humblest of us feel the need for recognition and praise. People strive to demonstrate their ideas and achievements, to put their best foot forward. And, on the one hand, this is good, because it gives impetus to the development of new projects, increases the degree of activity and sociability. However, on the other hand, some are not averse to lying about their successes, which leads to the activation of swindlers, fraudsters, and projects-bubbles.

During this transit, people become more emotional, selfish, capricious, and even tyrannical. The instinct of possessiveness is clearly manifested, scandals based on jealousy are possible. At such a time, no one wants to obey and listen to the orders of others since everyone seeks to rule. Also, libido and the desire for adventures, both sexual and gambling, increase.

However, this period can be very successful for athletes, speakers, artists. Creative, bright, and extraordinary personalities have a period of unprecedented inspiration and efficiency. A project started this time can be quite successful if there is one strong leader at the head.

With the negative aspects of Mars, the increased emotionality of people can lead to negative consequences. Crowded places can be especially dangerous due to possible clashes, conflicts, fires. Please consider the state of others at such times, be attentive and condescending to them. After all, with information, we can rule the world ๐Ÿ™‚

So, keep an eye on the planets’ mood and use any of their positions to your advantage!

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