mars aspects

Mars aspects in astrology

Mars aspectsMars is the very planet where astronauts are trying to find life. It is similar in many respects to the Earth, but it is still unfit for us to settle on it. Ancient Roman god, in honor of which this planet was named, also had quite human traits. Impulsiveness, aggressiveness, thirst for conquests. The brave and fearless patron of the war had remarkable persistence in achieving his goals.

The red color of the planet is a reflection of her passionate, active temperament. Mars in astrology is a significant figure capable of giving people energy and will in favorable aspects, and provoking destruction and misfortunes in unfavorable.

Mars-Mercury conjunction

Mars aspects with Mercury

The small, dexterous, closest to the heart of our solar system, Mercury has the name of the god of trade, travel, and enrichment. In mythology, this character possessed a unique talent for making connections, being the first to learn the important news, to cooperate with the supreme gods of the pantheon. The planet inherited from the Ancient Roman deity an acute mind, communication skills and the ability to benefit. Mercury is able to endow human with excellent intellectual abilities, a thirst for wanderings and a mass of useful acquaintances.

Favorable Mars aspects with Mercury

Mars-Mercury Conjunction empowers us with a clear and inquisitive mind, capable of accepting the new without excessive conservatism and at the same time honoring traditions. The sense of humor, eloquence, desire to debate and argue is amplified. Defending our position under the influence of this aspect, we can be too straightforward and forget about tact and courtesy. Pragmatism and dedication will help to achieve the goals, if there are no scandals and conflicts.

Mars-Mercury Sextile helps you learn anything, produce new ideas, perform painstaking work with your hands. This is a good aspect in order to gain credibility, set goals and start moving towards them. It is creative, materializes desires, gives energy, courage, enthusiasm.

Mars-Mercury Trine an aspect of healthy competition, resourcefulness, constructive solutions. Concentration on the task rises, inspiration is in the air. This aspect gives people optimism and self-confidence, contributes to the success in learning and business.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Mercury

Under the influence of Mars-Mercury Square people become impulsive and disorganized, demonstrate unhealthy reaction to criticism. This aspect gives us powerful intellectual abilities, but if we act without a plan, the energy will be wasted.

Mars-Mercury Opposition provokes conflicts, exacerbating aggressiveness, impatience, and bluntness. Inflexibility, pedantry, bounded view of things, inability to change opinion. A propensity to drink alcohol, fight and get traumas.

Mars-Venus Conjuction

Mars aspects with Venus

Venus is not without reason named astronomers in honor of the goddess of love, passion, romance, and art. In whatever aspects this planet appears, it imposes its characteristic imprint. Romantic relationships, creativity, beauty are the main spheres of its influence. Like Muse and Inspiration, Venus is unpredictable and capricious. The surface of this planet is covered with an opaque layer of poisonous clouds, and it turns in the direction opposite to the rotation of most of the planets. And as for the passion, there is nothing to doubt about it. The highest temperatures in the solar system are fixed on the surface of Venus.

Favorable Mars aspects with Venus

Mars-Venus Conjunction endows people with charisma, sensitivity, and demandingness to loved ones. Passionate, strong, but short-lived emotions and feelings, hot temperament, high sexuality. Gifted cupid, who can create couples. During the period of influence of this aspect, many romantic relationships and works of art born.

Mars-Venus Sextile is a less flippant aspect than the previous one. In this case, love is strong, faithful, durable. Love for all living things, mercy, optimism. Luckiness, energy, success in dealing with the opposite sex. Everything turns out by itself.

Mars-Venus Trine generously endows people with creative talents, amorousness, craving for pleasures and adventures. Easy money getting, but not saving them. Amplification of self-reliance, popularity, fame, national love.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Venus

Mars-Venus Square – capriciousness, extravagance, idle way of life. Increased, uncontrolled sexuality, which leads to promiscuous sexual relations. Aspect activates low passions and instincts, encourages the use of alcohol, drugs, harmful food.

Mars-Venus Opposition is an aspect of the loss and sad consequences of imprudence. Possible venereal diseases, large losses due to reckless money spending. Conflicts and quarrels in any interpersonal relationship. Aggravation of jealousy, manifestations of aggression and violence.

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Mars-Jupiter Conjuction

Mars aspects with Jupiter

Jupiter in mythology is the supreme deity, the patron of thunder and lightning. In astronomy, this is the largest planet in the solar system, on which giant storms are raging. On the side of Jupiter, three centuries ago, scientists discovered a huge red spot. And this is nothing but a storm! In astrology, Jupiter can be formidable too. However, he is very fair. A generous ruler is merciful to people who manage to please him.

Favorable Mars aspects with Jupiter

Mars-Jupiter Conjunction empowers people with energy and enthusiasm, which contribute to the achievement of prosperity and prestige in society. The self-confidence, awareness in decision-making, sincerity and generosity grow. New useful acquaintances, resolute actions, leadership position. A successful struggle for justice.

Mars-Jupiter Sextile gives people optimism, reveals the potential for management. Stable income, honor and nobility, fidelity to principles. Successful negotiations, the conclusion of profitable contracts. Efficiency increases.

Mars-Jupiter Trine is favorable for any new beginnings, active and decisive actions. Intellectual and physical, charitable and volunteer activities, the solution of organizational issues. Reorganization of processes, a rearrangement in the house, successful travel.

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Unfavorable Mars aspects with Jupiter

Mars-Jupiter Square is a sign of possible errors due to impulsive decision-making, indiscipline, waste of effort. Unreasonable hopes, disappointments, stupid monetary expenses. Exacerbation of irritability, lack of patience.

Mars-Jupiter Opposition provokes violations of the law, violence, extremism. People under the influence of this aspect become restless, selfish, craving for fame. Scams, dangerous adventures, hypocrisy and deception, unreliable partnership. Great ambitions without the desire to make efforts to achieve them.

Mercury-Saturn Sextile

Mars aspects with Saturn

Saturn in astrology is a strict planet, loving discipline, the order in affairs, planning and hard work. It is far from the spontaneous manifestation of emotions, distrustful and cautious. Just like the ancient Roman god, whose name it has. Saturn in the mythology patronized the time and was very afraid that his own children would overthrow him from the throne. To avoid such a disaster, he devoured his offspring! To save yourself from Saturn today, we need to pay attention to its aspects and avoid idleness and time wasting during its influence.

Favorable Mars aspects with Saturn

Mars-Saturn Conjunction empowers people with organizational skills, perseverance in achieving goals, and the ability to take responsibility for their lives. Resourcefulness, endurance and courage. A huge amount of energy that needs to be channeled in the right direction. Hard work and overcoming obstacles as a way to true success.

Mars-Saturn Sextile marks the period of learning from life situations, from your own experience. Consistency, reliability and persistence in the relationship. A flowering of willpower, mind control over emotions. Cutting unnecessary distractions.

Mars-Saturn Trine is favorable for purposeful continuous work with the maximum concentration on the target. Profit, security; slow, but true movement. Self-realization, successful deals and contracts.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Saturn

Mars-Saturn Square promises problems with health, aggression and apathy. Egoism, violence, foolish money spending. Under the influence of this aspect, you can easily bring yourself to exhaustion. Revenge, gloating, scandals and conflicts.

Mars-Saturn Opposition shows human insensitivity, a tendency to vain risk. Problems in relationships, falling from the career ladder. Conflicts due to problems with money. The initiative is punishable.

Mars-Uranus Trine

Mars aspects with Uranus

Uranus is an ancient supreme deity that has spawned a host of different kinds of creatures. His children are giants, cyclops, nymphs, goddesses of revenge… And such diversity is clear evidence of the great creative power and brilliant fantasy of Uranus. In astrology, this planet is very creative, original, and eccentric too. Innovative ideas, the desire for independence, freedom of expression are typical gifts of the favorable Uranus aspects.

Favorable Mars aspects with Uranus

Mars-Uranus Conjunction gives people the desire for freedom and strong will. Innovation, research, successful implementation of difficult tasks. Under the influence of this aspect, there is a growing ability to convince others in your rightness, to grasp new information.

Mars-Uranus Sextile gives a creative energy and physical endurance. Success in any activity that requires originality and ingenuity. Aspect patronizes athletes and entrepreneurs. High social status, stability, and optimism.

Mars-Uranus Trine promises a vibrant sexual life, interesting adventures, solving riddles. Favorable for the organization of holidays, entertainment events. Change of skills, acquisition of new knowledge.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Uranus

Mars-Uranus Square promises a risk of accidents, violence, exhaustion from work, emotional burnout. Disagreements in the relationship, the break of love, divorce. Under the influence of this aspect, hooligans attacks, fights, skirmishes can happen. Boycotts, strikes, armed conflicts.

Mars-Uranus Opposition exacerbates the thirst for rebellion and disobedience in people. Children become especially capricious. During this period, one should not count on outside support. We must rely only on our own forces, control our aggression and irritability, not get involved in risky adventures.

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Mars-Neptune Trine

Mars aspects with Neptune

Neptune is a planet no less creative than Uranus. It has the name of the god of the seas and oceans and shares common traits with the water. Neptune has a sharpened intuition, hypersensitivity to energy flows, contact with subtle, invisible worlds. Neptune in astrology can reward a person with the gift of clairvoyance in favorable aspects, and turn into an easily suggestible, hyper-responsive neurasthenic in unfavorable.

Favorable Mars aspects with Neptune

Mars-Neptune Conjunction enhances human dreaminess and emotionality. A favorable aspect for the dissemination of ideas. High goals and ideals, leadership, enthusiasm.

Mars-Neptune Sextile exacerbates a person’s ability to see the best traits in surrounding people, inspire and compassion. Success in the professions related to the provision of assistance, medicine, diplomacy. Successful negotiations, achievement of high status, choice of the right strategy.

Mars-Neptune Trine
strengthens intuition, empathy, the ability to understand and manipulate people. The ability to prevent fraud, betrayal. A favorable aspect for psychologists, coaches, people of art. During the period of its influence, it is very useful to rest near the water.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Neptune

Mars-Neptune Square heralds the threat of infectious diseases and poisoning, allergic reactions. It manifests in people a tendency to abuse alcohol, food, drugs. It aggravates the propensity to neuroses, manias, perverted pleasures. Painful quick temper, deadlock, loss of freedom.

Mars-Neptune Opposition an aspect of debauchery, violence, misunderstanding of your own nature. Chaos, unconsciousness, the probability of becoming a victim of scams. Falseness, treachery, financial difficulties. Eccentric desires that should not be satisfied.

Mars-Pluto aspects

Mars aspects with Pluto

Pluto in the ancient Roman pantheon was the ruler of the Dead’s realm, coldness and darkness. This planet really lives in the coldness and darkness, at the very edge of the solar system. Its orbit has an irregular shape. Thanks to it, Pluto sometimes comes closer to the Sun than Neptune, and sometimes it runs very far. This inclination of the planet to extremes is manifested in astrology. Pluto endows people with a multitude of paradoxes in favorable and unfavorable aspects with other planets.

Favorable Mars aspects with Pluto

Mars-Pluto Conjunction makes us very emotional, hardworking and gives us the ability to quickly switch from old to new. Stamina and perseverance, a favorable conclusion to any difficult situation. Inspirational work, passion for everything, multitasking, and enthusiasm.

Mars-Pluto Sextile strengthens human immunity, increases physical endurance and the desire to improve things and processes. A favorable aspect for helping others, restoring social justice. Patronizes the head of large enterprises, ambitious and active leaders.

Mars-Pluto Trine promises the possibility of radical changes, resetting life. New relationships, retraining, the beginning of your own business. The ability to influence the people’s opinions, good intentions, productive creativity.

Unfavorable Mars aspects with Pluto

Mars-Pluto Square is an aspect of aggression, violence, domination. Disregard of the self-preservation instinct, stupid courage, increased sexuality. Under the influence of this aspect, there is an intensification of crime, manifestations of cruelty. Chaos, anger, which prevents you from achieving your dreams.

Mars-Pluto Opposition awakens a thirst for change at any cost. Conflicts in family life, health problems, accidents. Exploitation of others for your own purposes. Even small errors can lead to failure.

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