Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra – all for the harmony

Mars in Libra feels pretty strange. In this case, we are dealing with a planet of action in a diplomatic and discreet airy Zodiac Sign. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars manifests itself in such an unusual cramped position.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

Interestingly, despite the scandalous, aggressive reputation of Mars, this planet is one of the most important engines of human progress. It is responsible for our ability to act, achieve goals, defend our interests, and show active will. Therefore, I metaphorically compare Mars to the fuel poured into our tanks. It is associated with the quality and quantity of the vital energy given to us, and also with our ability to properly distribute it.

And here for Mars in Libra, everything is not so simple. Because Libra is not about personal interests. It is about compromise, harmony, and balance. Thus, a person at the highest levels of spiritual development will be able to distribute his energy harmoniously, but as for the lower manifestations… Here energy will be spent depending on the mood, where the scales swing.

However, the fact that Mars is uncomfortable in Libra does not mean anything bad. It just means that people with Mars in Libra are different, they are non-Martian in the truest sense of the word. And their task is to direct the energy in the way intended for them. Namely, in diplomacy, the establishment of harmonious relationships with partners and in a team, in art, the achievement of justice, and beauty.

It is also worth noting that despite the sufficient amount of energy, the health of such people strongly depends on their emotional state. But the emotional state, due to natural sensitivity, vulnerability, sophistication, can be very unstable. For good health, Mars in Libra needs to be in harmonious relationships with the people around. Otherwise, psychosomatic problems will not keep them waiting.

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Self-realization with Mars in Libra

So, the fuel in the tanks of Mars in Libra is the desire to find harmonious relationships with others. For such people, relationships play almost a major role in life. Accordingly, this is the area on which they are ready to spend a lot of energy. The profession of such a person should be associated with communication with people. Such personalities are excellent negotiators, mediators, politicians, diplomats, propagandists, advertisers.

Also, these people devote a lot of effort to beauty – both their appearance and the beauty around them. With a refined and graceful sense of beauty, they can achieve great success in the field of interior design, clothing, beauty treatments, and, of course, art.

For Mars in Libra to showcase his talents, he needs to overcome his addiction to mood swings and bring a little discipline into life. It would be more correct to implement it at the expense of other, more disciplined people in the team. After all, such a person can easily conclude any cooperation agreement and convince an ideal partner of the value of joint activities.

Mars in Libra transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Libra πŸ™‚

Mars in Libra for a man – sexuality

However, the position of Mars in the natal chart indicates not only the quantity and quality of our vital energy. Mars is the planet of masculinity, and in a man’s natal chart, it personifies his sexuality and behavior in relationships with women.

Mars in Libra is a romantic, sensitive lover who puts the relationship with his beloved first. He is ready to have long conversations and make concessions, arrange romantic surprises and satisfy the whims of his partner. Able to be faithful and loyal with the one he chose. Nevertheless, do not forget about his gift of milling the wind. Such an insidious seducer can convince a lady of anything πŸ™‚

Besides, Mars in Libra takes great care of their appearance, most often they are well-groomed, stylishly dressed, and neat men. But they, of course, have their negative traits. Remember that the activity and initiative of such a man always depend on his mood. He values ​​his reputation and relationships with people, so he often refuses his own benefit to please others. And yet, he is very vulnerable, full of doubts and aspirations for the perfect balance of life.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

The position of Mars in a woman’s natal chart draws us an image of her perfect man. A woman with Mars in Libra is turned on by well-groomed handsome men-intellectuals. Her man should be at least a little versed in the art and respect the norms of etiquette. She is attracted to persons with a good reputation, sociable, and calm.

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Surely, a woman with Mars in Libra loves romantic gestures and cannot imagine intimacy without music, candles, and roses. Brute masculinity, on the other hand, disgusts her. She needs to have the opportunity to talk with a partner, discuss moments of uncertainty, and reach a consensus. After all, Mars in Libra has a built-in radar that helps it find things in common with almost any person in the world.

Transit Mars in Libra

Transit Mars in Libra affects not only individuals who have such a position in the natal chart. During such a transit, absolutely all people feel its influence on themselves. We become more indecisive and, at the same time, more easily amenable to suggestion. We focus on our relationships in marriage and business, harmony in the team begins to play a huge role. By the way, a project launched during this period can only be successful if there is complete mutual understanding and respect in the work team.

The transit of Mars in Libra is a golden time for any propaganda and advertising campaigns. After all, not only do we become more suggestible, we also become more diplomatic and eloquent πŸ™‚ With the positive aspects of Mars, this is a very good time for any negotiations, litigation, and contracts. Everything related to communication and finding compromises will go faster and easier, as people strive for mutual understanding. Also, interest in beauty in any of its manifestations is increasing. We want to do a manicure, and buy new cushions, and go to an art gallery!

And, of course, all this should be done if you want! Please, consider the negative aspects of Mars and try to manifest cosmic energies at the highest levels of spirituality. In other words, carefully monitor the mood of the planets and use any of their positions to your advantage!

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