Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo – the Labor Warrior

Mars in Virgo is a productive position of the planet of the actions in a hardworking earth sign. Mars in the natal chart of a person is responsible for the quantity and quality of his vital energy, and Virgo is an attentive, logical sign of the Zodiac, who strives to realize herself in labor and improvement. Let’s take a closer look at how Mars in Virgo affects the personality and all of us during the corresponding transit.

What kind of fuel is in your tanks?

People often associate Mars with aggression, cruelty, traumas. However, this planet is necessary for people, and without it, we simply would not be able to develop. After all, it is Mars that gives us the ability to act, to achieve goals. Metaphorically, Mars fills our tanks with life energy. And to understand its quantity and quality, we need to look at the Zodiac Sign, in which Mars is located in the natal chart.

Mars in Virgo gives a person a lot of energy. First of all, it is due to the inexhaustible diligence of the Virgo and her desire to fill her life with work. Also, Virgo is associated with the 6th house of the horoscope, which governs work, health, and everyday routines. Mars in Virgo gives a person a lot of high-quality fuel, energy, and health so that she can do all these things. Besides, it is also important how a person distributes the energy given to her by nature. And the logical, reasonable Virgo does it very well.

However, any position of the planets, like any person, has its negative traits. Despite the ability to distribute energy wisely, Mars in Virgo can go too far and bring a person to exhaustion and burnout. Love for work can develop into painful workaholism when a person forgets about food and sleep. In turn, attention to detail and a desire for excellence often develop into anxiety about nuances, neurosis, irritability, and excessive sensitivity to criticism. And all this often manifests itself in mental and psychosomatic illnesses.

In general, as always: you should know when to stop. And if a person with Mars in Virgo uses her best qualities in the right way, she will be able to conquer any peaks.

Self-realization with Mars in Virgo

So, the fuel in the tanks of Mars in Virgo is the desire to work and improve this work and themselves. Such a person has an innate gift for time management and planning. She is very smart, attentive to detail, has the desire and ability to improve any process. Possesses organizational skills, strong will, and great patience. She is capable of any, even unpleasant, endless work to achieve her goals.

But Mars in Virgo isn’t just a workhorse. Such individuals are also endowed with a very developed intellect, which they boldly use for their intended purposes. Positively, they are wise strategists, and negatively, they are scheming manipulators. They are cold-blooded, consistent, and can seem insidious from the outside.

In general, people with Mars in Virgo can achieve success in any kind of activity thanks to their own work, patience, and intelligence. However, they can be prevented from it by underestimating their strengths and fear of criticism and rejection by others. They often put in more effort than is required and turn their difficulties into a way of expressing themselves. Such people need to think less about what others will say, learn to relieve nervous tension, and decisively show themselves to the world.

Mars in Virgo transit
SWOT analysis of Mars in Virgo 🙂

Mars in Virgo for a man – sexuality

You may have noticed that the astrological symbol for Mars is exactly the same as the symbol for masculine energy. And this is no accident. After all, it is Mars in the natal chart of a man that forms his masculinity, sexuality, and manifestation in love relationships.

Mars in Virgo is not the most passionate and romantic position. Such a man is ruled by logic and a sober mind. And, of course, this has its advantages. For example, such a man is capable of being faithful to his spouse and resisting any temptations (except the temptation to plunge headlong into work :)). Also, he has a well-developed sense of duty and he will perform his duties diligently every day. He is not afraid of any housework, will take on the solution of all household problems, and provide the family with money. In emergencies, he will remain calm and find a way out.

However, he will most likely criticize you and seek to find fault with the little things. It is not on purpose! He is very demanding both to himself and to those around him, which is why he lives in constant tension. To help Mars in Virgo immerse himself in love, simply calm his nerves. This man has both passion and sexuality. And if he realizes that he has nothing to worry about, he will show them to you.

Mars in the natal chart of a woman – your perfect man

The position of Mars in a woman’s natal chart draws us an image of her perfect man. A woman with Mars in Virgo is turned on by hardworking, demanding, neat, pedantic, and, most importantly, intellectually developed men. It’s safe to say that her main erogenous zone is the brain 🙂

Such a woman will fall in love with a responsible, attentive to detail professional who strives to achieve perfection in everything. She will appreciate the consistency of actions, and, of course, passion for his work. Someone like Sherlock Holmes 🙂 But lazy people who do not have a plan and goals are absolutely not her type.

Besides, women with Mars in Virgo tend to idealize their partners and can maintain purely platonic relationships for a long time.

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Transit Mars in Virgo

Transit Mars in Virgo affects all of humanity. During this period, the world becomes an anthill in which work is in full swing. Usually, people go about their daily routine, strive to organize their lives, use money and time rationally, and take care of their health. It is a great time to start developing good habits, creating new routines, planning your daily routine, and tidying up your home.

Of course, this is a great time for work projects – especially for the introduction of new processes and systematization of existing ones, data analysis, reporting. Employees work more diligently and selflessly. People have a desire to improve their skills, learn new things. The project, begun during the transit of Mars in Virgo, will progress slowly and improve many times. However, if its creators don’t get bogged down in unnecessary details, it can be very profitable in the end.

At such a time, almost everyone has their own goals and objectives, albeit short-term. It’s almost impossible to persuade people to change plans spontaneously. Few people care about love relationships, since everyone thinks about work. With the positive aspects of the planets, this is a calm, even period in a relationship. But with negative ones, quarrels and nagging at home, an emergency at work, physical and mental overstrain are possible.

So, watch the planet’s mood and use any of their positions to your advantage!

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