Mercury in Cancer

Mercury in Cancer – subconscious, emotions, intuition

Mercury in Cancer gives its owner an interesting and unusual interweaving of thoughts and feelings. This planet in the natal chart and in transit is responsible for thinking, communication, wealth. At the same time, the water sign Cancer always brings a lot of emotion to where it appears. Let’s take a closer look at the influence of such a position of Mercury on the character and behavior of people.

Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart – thinking

In this case, thoughts are closely related to feelings. A person with Mercury in Cancer perceives information differently – more intuitively than logically. Able to accurately “read” the interlocutor’s state. Thinks associatively and symbolically, has an excellent memory and vigorous imagination.

Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart means a certain duality. Such a person is conservative and cautious, but at the same time – easily suggestible and pliable. At first, he may vehemently reject someone else’s opinion, but, after some time, will express it as his own. And this happens completely unconsciously.

A good memory, coupled with emotionality can make a person vindictive and suspicious. Able to manipulate memory in the interests of their own feelings. The quality of mental processes is highly dependent on mood. Moreover, physical health depends on emotions very strong.

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Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart – communication

Such people need care and love, and they want not only to receive them, but also to give. All their addictions are deep and emotional, although they are short-lived and quickly take turns. Mercury in Cancer slightly complicates the process of communication. It is hard for a person to express his thoughts, confused with feelings, in words. They talk emotionally, have bright facial expressions, decorate speech with images, associations, symbols.

He is subjective and biased in judgments, but all the unusual and new attract him. Like to discover other people, is able to really understand them. He likes to chat, but he tends to hide his intentions and true feelings. Reveal them in the atmosphere of full acceptance, when he feels the response and safety from the interlocutor.

Remember that the Mercury in Cancer gives tremendous power to the subconscious. In order to succeed in any area of life, such people need to clear their subconscious from everything superfluous.

Mercury in Cancer SWOT
Mercury in Cancer SWOT Analysis 🙂

Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart – wealth

Since ancient times, Mercury was considered the patron of commerce and merchants. Therefore, its position in the natal chart has a great influence on the material well-being of man. In the case of Mercury in Cancer, the same principle works as with other signs. You need to find an activity that matches your nature, and wealth will not keep you waiting.

Such personalities have a flexible, quirky, receptive mind. They apply their own original approach to any work. Vivid emotionality can manifest itself in artistic talents, a deep understanding of art. Mercury in Cancer is in the charts of innate psychologists, teachers, actors, parodists. Attention to detail and craving for solving secrets will help in the work of a detective, or on the spiritual, philosophical path.

It is important to note that the productivity of such people strongly depends on their mood, and their mood – on the approval and support of others. Also, try not to live in the past.

Transit Mercury in Cancer

During this transit, all people become more intuitive and use unconscious impulses more often than logic. Mercury in Cancer makes us susceptible to words, to the tone of speech, as a result – more vulnerable and touchy.

This period is very fruitful for creative projects, as our imagination breaks out of the shackles of logic. It is important to direct it in a constructive way so as not to create a tragedy from nothing. It is also good to engage in home comfort, chat with friends, travel with the family.

Mercury in Cancer makes us less gullible, but greedy for riddles and intrigues. If there is no mystery in real life, a good detective will please you more than ever 🙂

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