Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo – live for the applause

Mercury in Leo is a dazzling combination of a sharp mind and creative energy, charm, and eloquence. Here, Mercury, responsible for thinking, communication and wealth, comes to visit the Sun, which symbolizes our ego. Let us see how this combination in the natal chart affects the character of a person, and how it affects our behavior during the transit.

Mercury in Leo in the natal chart – thinking

Leo is a regal sign, so Mercury in Leo makes a person’s thinking self-centered. Such a person knows exactly what he wants, and all thoughts revolve around his goals. Most often, these goals relate to leadership, authority, fame, and the admiration of others.

Mercury in Leo gives a person an amazing ability to concentrate, to operate with facts known to him, to make extraordinary conclusions about familiar things. However, despite the enormous creative potential, Leo is a fixed sign, which means that a person hardly accepts new information and changes his opinion. Well sees the big picture but hardly notices the details.

Thoughts and knowledge of such a person always strive to go outside. If Mercury in Leo did not share information with other people, he does not see any meaning in it. With great self-confidence, such a person easily convinces others in their rightness.

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Mercury in Leo in the natal chart – communication

In dealing with people, Mercury in Leo requires admiration, respect, obedience. These are wonderful speakers who deftly juggle with words and play on the emotions of the listeners in order to achieve their own goals. He relies only on his own strength, does not wait for help. However, he needs “applause” like air.

If people do not express admiration, Mercury in Leo loses the motivation to think. After all, he perceives thinking only as part of communication. And the criticism generally kills such a person.

He does not get tired of communications, communicates as if he is on the scene, skillfully using pauses, intonations, and gestures.

Mercury in Leo SWOT
Mercury in Leo SWOT Analysis 🙂

Mercury in Leo in the natal chart – wealth

Since Mercury has been the patron saint of merchants and commerce since ancient times, its position in the natal chart characterizes a person’s chances for material success. Mercury in Leo endows the person with talents that can make him rich. Artistry and charisma, oratorical skills, organizational skills, leadership spirit – all these are in his character.

In addition, in any case, such a person is creative, which gives him an advantage over competitors. Master of improvisation. These are very persistent, purposeful, optimistic people who do not give up on the way to the goal, despite the difficulties.

Their insatiable desire to share information with others is very important in the age of social networks. Such people can be popular bloggers, getting pleasure and money from this activity. However, this is not the case when a person will accumulate wealth. He is wasteful and enjoys it.

Transit Mercury in Leo

Under the influence of this transit, people begin to communicate more actively, especially – sharing information with others. The same news can be passed from mouth to mouth, and each narrator embellishes it with his own details and nuances. Everyone wants to not just talk, but somehow stand out from the crowd. The desire to shine in society appears even among those who had never thought about it at all.

Of course, this time is very favorable for creative individuals, especially those associated with performances in public. With the negative aspects of Mercury, people may display authoritarianism, arrogance, and excessive selfishness.

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